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Red and White Garden


Hi Everyone,
I need to pick your brains, i am doing a red and white garden, any ideals welcome, i would like a white lavender, but can’t seem to find one in garden centres,
also , would like help with changing my very long boring grass garden into rooms or some way, so i can’t see all the garden in one go, look forward to all your ideal because, i know you have some . many thanks x

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There are several red and white fuchsia varieties. Some are hardy and might look nice in your newly designed garden :o)

16 Jul, 2011



16 Jul, 2011


There are many blogs on here whereby members have incorporated curves and rooms into their gardens, if you browse through them I feel sure you`ll get lots of ideas, click on D at the bottom of the page and then click on Design Ideas....

16 Jul, 2011


Hydragea climber or shrub in white there is a tree type too not too big either, clematis Ice Queen also Wandas Primrose Clematis white, Oriental poppies white and red, snow drops, snowflakes, Phlox, Penstemons, Heather, Delphiniums, Hardy Hibiscus, Hebes, Lilies, Lucifer, Lupins.

16 Jul, 2011


lots of bedding plants of course which last the summer and I've a lovely seedling white buddlea, how about tuberous begonias huge red or white flowers....

16 Jul, 2011


There are several white lavenders on line.
White french lavender - Lavandula stoechas subsp stoechas f. leucantha 'Snowman',
Lavandula Elegance Ice (White),
Lavandula stoechas Little Bee (Cream)
and the White English lavender angustifolia 'Edelweiss'
My 'rooms' are on the diagonal after short shrubbed paths to make them appear longer/bigger than they are. One leads to a second patio one to a secret garden one to the wooded area and one to some veges, noneof which can be seen unles you go down the garden. Or you can just divide up areas with structures such as trellis, pergolas or by shrubs, even boxhedging if you dont want height.

16 Jul, 2011


Thanks everyone, you've given my alot to think about, let you know how i get on,:0) x

17 Jul, 2011

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