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I have always wanted to grow my own veg, I have always
grown flowers, now this year 2008,I have started growing veg and two grapevines one red one green, this is all very new to me, I dont know a thing, about any them, i am reading every thing i can, I don't know when to and which
months to start things of, I have all so put my name on a waiting list for an allotment, wish me luck on my new adventure. I am a very new beginer at everything fruit and veg. This April i got some big plastic bins and started
grow, new
potatoes, carrots,( which my granddaught keeps eating,) spring onions. In house i've got chilli peppers, in a plastic greenhouse of which i have 2 off, i got cucumbers and
auburinge, just planted pumpkins for october, fingers cross.

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