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My Virtual Garden Tour


By petal50


Compared with some of you GoYers my garden would fade into insignificance… But it is my work in progress! So I thought what the heck, show you all some pics and then go for it.
We live in a very rural place which adjoins woodland and the boss’s garden. Our patch is enclosed with 6 foot wire deer fencing and by gum do we need that.
So take the tour of my garden….Imagine you are standing on my back door step and…

Out onto a slabbed patio area, then directly in front protruding out of the lawn is this large tree stump which we decided to put a bird table on to disguise it.
We get a lot of birds and other wildlife on our feeders, but that is a different blog!
To the left is a border following the fence, mainly got mature shrubs, with a sprinkling of colourful borders plants, some of which are a clematis with tiny white flowers in spring, and a honeysuckle which came from North Wales where we lived for a year before coming here and I brought it here in a pot when we moved 5 years ago. The scent is devine.

Near the house end there is mint growing amongst the astilbe.There is a beautiful hybrid tea Rose which came from my mother in law’s garden when she moved, I call it George in memory of my hubby’s father who was a keen gardener and who is no longer with us, It has a really beautiful deep red flower and wonderful scent!

On the far side of the garden which backs onto woodland is a couple of fuchsia. and last year I dug a new flower bed
as it was just an expanse of grass under the shade of a rather large Oak tree whose leaves drive me mad in the autumn.

Close by this flowerbed there is a dip in the lawn that hubby says would make a great pond area as it keeps getting deeper each year. But he hasn’t got round to digging it out and applying a liner! Um I wonder why? Too much like hard work, me thinks! We think there may have been another tree stump on it.
At the moment we have a 2foot hexagonal millstone in the middle of the dip, which had a pot of lilies on it.

We have several ideas what to put in the pot next yr, one is to move my enormous fuchsia from the top of my rockery or get a nice standard weeping rose tree if any one knows of such a specimen…
Alittle way further round is a buddleia (grew from a cutting), then jutting out from the boundary fences a 3ft high 10 foot long trellis with a small border which has had sweet peas on it this yr. The wind and rain gave them a fair battering, but they have showed a fine array of flowers.

Then out into the lawn area is a rock edged rose bed, they have not done very well this year, every time a bud appeared down came the rain and ruined my roses. All of which have been bargain price ones from Lidls or poundstrtcher and to be fair have grown very well considering they were all but dead when I got them last year. There is one special Rose; I call Teal after our old Springer bitch which we lost 4 years ago.
For extra colour I planted some yellow violia at the rose’s base and they have been gorgeous. They are dying off now though so I plan digging them up and replacing them with winter pansies. Already purchased from Sainsbury’s special offer buy two get third free, bargain!

Mainly dark !blue and dark burgundy in colour.
Further up the garden is the veg patch following the deer fence at woods side. This has been covered in black plastic for weed control as we decided to give it a rest this year, Bit of a mistake as I really miss my fresh veg, runner beans, broad beans, peas and onions mmm and the taste of home grown potatoes ….much tastier than shop bought, don’t you think?
Back on the lawn there is the “tree stump” rockery, Yes another flipping tree stump, Just covered it up with soil and rocks dotted around the edge and layered around the tump. That’s when I planted this fuchsia 5years ago,

it’s taken over and the smaller alpine plants have very little chance to grow to their full glory. Hence the move next year. Yes I prune it back every year and it comes back all the more.
At the top end of the garden is our homemade compost bin, four pallets stood on end to form a box shape…perfect, recycling at its best Haha!
Then we have a row of 4 dog kennels and runs, this is home to our working springadors, well 3 at the moment, our old black lab passed away earlier in the year, and silly old me bought the first plant I saw after he’d gone, my patio rose “Hand in Hand” in his memory! It sits in a large urn pot on the patio by the back door.

Then against the wall of the house is the greenhouse 8×6,
full of cherry toms just now.
Oh and home to my 3 Amaryllis at the moment, First time growing them last winter,in the house last autumn and I’m hooked, the flowers were just something else!
Apparently they can be grown out of doors but this Scottish weather is alittle unpredictable so have kept them in the warm! See big softy me!
We have two 45 gallon drums to collect rain water, near the greenhouse and then there is a brill cold frame (which my hubby built from scratch)for my seedlings and cuttings,

then finally the house wall back to the back door is home to my passion flora and clematis’! Aswell as my big pot of strawberry plants.

Tour complete, hope you enjoyed it and will visit my blogs for further developments! Happy gardening folks!
AND by the way don’t forget to check out “my plants” for extra pics of my collection of bits and pieces, mainly snippets from gardens i visit, oops my sin is out… anytime i see a plant i like in others gardens i nip a bit off and take it home and nurture it, sometimes they grow and sometimes not! Hey you can’t blame me for trying can you?

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You have plenty going on there and your tomatoes look very good. I agree about the vegetables. Perhaps you'll have another go next year. Time to start planning now!

12 Sep, 2011


love the amaryllis and your passion flower petal ,happy gardening!!!

12 Sep, 2011


well done you for writing such an interesting blog ~ i love those clematis and what a lovely spot you live in; your house walls with that old stone look so beautiful.

the red rose is gorgeous and havent the sweet peas done well.

12 Sep, 2011


Lovely blog and pictures really enjoyed the tour thank you.

12 Sep, 2011


That's a great blog Petal! You've got lots of plans on the boil, I'll be interested to see how you get on with them! You have some beautiful plants there, so don't be worried about putting a blog on, Petal, your garden's lovely!

12 Sep, 2011


I think your garden looks lovely...Sticki got there first about your wonderful stone walls! Can't say more!

12 Sep, 2011


Thank you all so much for your king comments. As for the grey stone walls... our house is a converted 18th century coach house! watch my pics for some photos of it.....

12 Sep, 2011


Lovely garden and plants you have there Petal50 :)))

12 Sep, 2011


i shall keep watching ~ thanks petal

12 Sep, 2011


What a lovely blog Petal I like your garden and to be honest most gardens are work in progress lol:)

12 Sep, 2011


sounds to me as if you are in an idyllic spot!

12 Sep, 2011


looks lovely Petal, my gardens been in progress for 6 years.. love the Amaryllis such a nice plant...

12 Sep, 2011


Every mans garden is his sanctuary no matter what the size. Just enjoy what your garden offers, we are not in competition.

Your garden is an extension of you. Let it evolve as you would your children.

12 Sep, 2011


Ah! Just realised you are in Scotland! :))

12 Sep, 2011


I do like your garden and much more your tomatoes. Being a little lazy I did not read all but all the other Goyers did it for me.

12 Sep, 2011


Enjoyed your blog garden looks really secluded and private. I did ask re your walls on one of your pictures. I should have read the blog first and I would have known....doh!!
You have some great plans in the making, looking forward too seeing them come to life :)

12 Sep, 2011


I do like your fuchsias Petal. I would be tempted to move the alpines and leave that nice big one to be a feature. Your roses are lovely - it is so nice to have a lovely plant in memory of a loved one, whether pet or human. Will you be planting out those beautiful lilies into the ground for next year?

16 Sep, 2011

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