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A couple of GoY member’s have been asking me about some of the different/unusual designs that I’ve made…

Jack Daniels?

My brief was to make a bottle of Jack Daniels out of flowers on a Tray with a glass…!!
The bottle was carved into shape using a couple of blocks of oasis, and a good Kitchen carving knife! To make it realistic, I decided to use a real drinks tray and a cheap Whisky glass! However, the real fun started when we tried to use glue to fasten the bottle to the tray! Not at all easy… especially as the oasis needed to be wet to hold the flowers!

The Chrysanthemum were as near as I could find to the colour of the actual drink! Unfortunately(?), OH and I only drink wine – How was I going to get hold of the bottle’s labels? I needed to visit a Pub (or two) to ask if they had an empty bottle that I could use… Unfortunately, the weather was bad at this time (it was the start of a snowy period!) and I didn’t have time to drive around any of the local Public Houses in these parts, so it was my Sister Penny to the rescue! Thankfully, my nephew drank JD and didn’t mind my Sister steaming the labels off his bottle! The labels were then dried and sent in the snail post to me! And yes, they did arrive in time!!!
I then had to send OH off to the local Staples shop, to have the labels enlarged and photocopied to match the size of the bottle. (This was done while I’m making the bottle up in flowers!) Unfortunately, Staples were unable to make the photocopies due to copyright laws… But if OH pressed the start button… then that was OK!!! (Thank goodness!!!)

The Bottle top was made up using an old Lenor fabric conditioner top, and covered in black sticky tape… ! For the actual glass of JD, I made up some thick orange jelly, and then wired up screwed up cellophane which looked like ice!
Voila! Anyone for a JD???!

A Welsh Miners Lamp

The lamp was made in a 3D style and based onto an oasis pillow shape frame. I made up and pleated the ribbon edge in the colours of the Welsh flag.

A Modern Cool Coloured Summer Garden Arrangement

The flowers in these arrangements are placed at different heights – just how you would find them growing in the garden. The arrangement also shows a completely different view of the garden on all four sides.
It’s one of my favourite designs… ;o)

A “Hot” Summer Garden Arrangement

This is one of my favourite gardens I’ve ever done – Probably because it’s in the range of some of my favourite colours :o)))
I had a special request for this arrangement to be made with a solar Lantern…!

…and a Bird’s Eye View

Who can remember Del Boy’s Reliant Robin?

I decided that the base should be a Road, so I spray painted some leaves black and pinned them onto the oasis pillow shaped base – While I was doing this, my OH carved the car’s shape out of two blocks of oasis! These were then pinned to the “pillow” using Bar-b-que sticks! OH made the roof rack and wing mirrors out of thick floristry wire… The Wheels/tyres were made from the lids of coffee jars, and sprayed black.
Here is the final result!

And a view from above

Have made many more unusual pieces but I don’t have the pictures in digital form… Will put some more on when I’ve time to scan them!!!

Have just learnt that you cannot add pictures into a blog once it has been Published!

Here are three other pictures taken of the hot garden for Scotsgran – Hope you like these!

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Beautiful designs you have there Petaltracey, I love the pillow with the miners lamp as my dad was a miner from 13 to 17 where he was buried alive they said he would never walk again but did.

12 Feb, 2014


Hi Tracey .. Fantastic ... well done !
All lovely .. especially the hot summer arrangement.

13 Feb, 2014


Wonderful interpretations in flowers. I too like all of them. I would love to see the other sides of your hot summer arrangement. ps I have nominated this for goypedia under floral arrangements.

13 Feb, 2014


These are wonderful,Tracey...what a talent and eye for colour you have,plus your vision of how to interpret all your designs..thanks for sharing :o)

13 Feb, 2014


the JD WOW! and "yes please, i do not mined if i do, thank you" :-) i so like the yellow/black arrangement because i do love yellow blooms very much....
all the contents of this blog is really lovely and explained so well... its was a joy...thank you.

old jack has given me "hiccups"
must have another tipple!!! if i might.

13 Feb, 2014


So creative Tracey . . . lovely imaginative designs. Great to see them - thanks for sharing!

13 Feb, 2014


How amazing! What a brilliant imagination you have! I really love all the arrangements...but my favourite is the Jack Daniels.i think that is incredible...and second..the cool coloured garden....I could gaze at it for hours! :))

13 Feb, 2014


Thank you everyone for the lovely comments - it's very rewarding working with flowers like this... but it can be extremely stressful at times too! However you forget this when you hear how delighted people are with the designs!
Scotsgran I'll add the other piccies of the Hot garden for you to see!

13 Feb, 2014


They are all gorgeous. My favourites are the miners lamp and the cool summer arrangement.

13 Feb, 2014


Thank you. I love your flower choices. These are just as beautiful from different angles.

14 Feb, 2014


Thanks for your comments ~ Glad you both like them :o)

14 Feb, 2014


You are very artistic :o)

15 Feb, 2014


Thank you Hywel :o))) sometimes I think I'm plain daft at some of the things I take on! :D

16 Feb, 2014


If artistic people weren't a bit 'daft' they would never make the wonderful things they do :o))

17 Feb, 2014



17 Feb, 2014


These are terrific. It looks easy, but first of all, you have to make the idea. And your ideas are so original. Then the flowers, absolutely perfect and so precise. I cannot believe them. You must be very patient and talented to boot.

15 Mar, 2015


Thanks Wells. There's a lot of work behind the scene's of the finished article, and at times old hubby lends a hand as he's a good model maker! Last summer he made up a Fosters Lager glass for me out of oasis. It was amazing but was difficult keeping it in shape and to scale!

16 Mar, 2015

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