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Cherry blossom wedding cake


By peter


They’re a day later than promised, but here’s a few more photos from my wedding day – taken by a good friend.

Orchid table decorations

The single orchid stem table decorations were arranged by Akane and her mum and looked fantastic. I’ve also added another photo of the pedestal arrangement from the day, before it got trimmed down, which I think looks like it’s exploding :o)

Our ‘explosive’ pedestal arrangement

The wedding cake was baked and iced by my mum (two layers of fruit cake and two of chocolate) it was her first wedding cake and she got a little help from a friend who used to make and decorate cakes professionally.

The decorations on the cake were done by a friend of ours who offered months ago to do it. All of the flowers, buds and bracts were hand made out of sugar paste. I think a few friends got roped in to helping but I was amazed by the end result. We chose the cherry blossom to give a Japanese theme to the traditional cake.

My wedding cake!

It all went so fast :o)

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Beautiful esp love the simple stylish cake arrangement - very tasteful.

29 Jun, 2008


A beautiful cake just a pity it has to get eaten

29 Jun, 2008


Wonderfull !

29 Jun, 2008


I love the theme with the Orchids and the simple but very effectively decorated cake. Are you keeping the fruit layer (as tradition dictates?) ;-)

29 Jun, 2008


Very nicely done! My daughter just learnt how to make cakes like this, I'm hoping we can take advantage of this skill when any of her siblings get married!

29 Jun, 2008


all I can say is it,s so beautiful ,wonderful cake

29 Jun, 2008


fantastic flowers and beautiful cake

29 Jun, 2008


Hi Peter,
This is a wedding cake with the wow factor! - stylish and elegant.The floral arrangements are also beautiful.
Thank you for sharing the photos.

29 Jun, 2008


Thanks everyone!!! My I'll pass your complements on to those that deserve them ;o) I was staggered by the cake myself!

The top tier was chocolate cake so that's being tucked into early. In fact we had so many people help make it such a great day that we've given most of the fruit cake away - together with the chunk that went back to Japan for the in-laws that couldn't make it hasn't left us with much cake.

Gillian - It's a great skill to have; when we looked at buying a similar cake it cost an absolute fortune! My mum is making the cake for my sister's wedding later this year too. I guess ours was just a practice :D

29 Jun, 2008


Just got home in time to see this.. Fabulous single orchid arrangement (against that curtained backdrop), and....what a cake! Pagodas and Bonzai in a truly beautiful, edible work of art - with that unique oriental air of simplicity! - love it!

29 Jun, 2008


That cake is just a classic, and the single stem orchids is very modern looking. It all looked great! Oh, and congrats also.

29 Jun, 2008


Thanks for sharing these photos with us Peter. It all looks so lovely!

30 Jun, 2008


Peter it is all so lovely! The flowers looked beautiful, (much nicer than the veggies would have, lol!), the single orchid stems and that beautiful cake are exquisite and so tasteful! I am glad it all went so well for you, and good wishes to you both!

30 Jun, 2008


I like the cake. It's a change from the traditional style. My mother used to make wedding cakes for people but not one with this type of decoration. I bet it tasted as good as it looks. : )

30 Jun, 2008


Congratulations Peter! Beautiful pictures, flowers, great cake and refreshingly unique. "Many happy years ahead"... to you!

30 Jun, 2008


Lovely cake and beautifull flowers,congratulations.

30 Jun, 2008


Lovely orchids and cake - very 'Zen'!

30 Jun, 2008


I've just been to a friend's 80th birthday celebration. He lives alone and refuses to buy a washing machine so guess what the theme of his cake was? Sorry I didn't have my camera with me :-(

30 Jun, 2008


I hope, Andrewr, that it was in the shape of a "white goods" item (i.e. a mechanical appliance rather than fabric) with "whiter than white" icing. Please don't say that it was an item of clothing.

30 Jun, 2008


Thanks again everyone :o) We're about to start the thank you notes now - I'm taking a break after writing one :D

Andrew - Hope you enjoyed the party. I lived without a washing machine for a bit as a student. Wouldn't fancy it now though.

1 Jul, 2008


I hope the 80 year old person uses washing powder to hand wash items of laundry Andrew otherwise all sorts of images spring to mind!. I much prefer to think about Davids suggestion that the cake was in the shape of a white goods appliance....We dont want to lower the tone!

2 Jul, 2008


The cake is amazing! I would love one like that for my wedding, but if you don't have a friend with that kind of decorating talent you'll be out of a lot of money. You're so lucky you have such amazing friends! I've heard there are some reasonable cake decorators on but I haven't checked them out too closely yet. I'm really in love with your cherry blossoms. Simple and elegant! Lovely.

Much better than a washing machine cake, lol!

2 Feb, 2009

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