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A year (and a bit) of gardening


By peter


Well everything’s a bit calmer after the wedding so no jobs today and I’ve just been out in the drizzle to see if I can move my compost bin; I was wondering which of my shrubs would best hide the black lump if I do move it and realised how much things had grown.

It’s about 14 months since I began gardening for the first time with the hard work of my garden facelift last May.

I am so glad I started even although it’s only small. My herbs are beginning to become a favourite as they look beautiful, taste delicious and smell lovely (does anyone else stroke their rosemary as they pass and smell their hand?). I think after I’ve moved my compost bin (and the shrubs to make space) I will convert another patch for herbs.

Herbs today

This blog is really to compare what my garden looked like last May with what it looks like today, so here’s some photos, firstly from my lounge window…

May 5th 2007

May 8th 2007

July 6th 2008

This is where I planted four shrubs and three heathers. The heathers got moved around at some point…

May 8th 2007

July 6th 2008

That’s it I’m afraid (told you it was small), but I can’t believe I lived with plain old grass there for nearly 2 years!!

Happy gardening.

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It's Basil for me, I just love to pinch off flower heads, cause then my fingers smell sooooo good!
I came to this site too late to see your beginning, but from the pics everything is growing great. Isn't it a great feeling?

6 Jul, 2008


You are not on your own, i only have a small garden, infact i thought i was the only 1 with a small garden, on this web site but i find it does'nt matter if you have a massive garden or a post stamp garden, every one makes you feel welcome. So thanks Peter for running a great web site, its a credit to you.

6 Jul, 2008


I stroke my mint as well as my rosemary!

6 Jul, 2008


I don't have a herb patch as such but I've got them dotted all over the garden so that I can smell some herb or other wherever I am. : )

6 Jul, 2008


Well done Peter as relatively new to gardening small is probably the best way to start.Large plots can be daunting and many get neglected by those not knowing where to start.
Eventually you may want to enlarge that border even curve it a bit ?

6 Jul, 2008


Hi Peter,
You have a lovely area to work on and adapt. What is the overall size of your garden.... and how about a water feature of some sort?
You could also cut into the rectangular lawn to create some more curvaceous shapes in order to make some themed areas in the garden.
Some climbers could also scramble over the fence panels to soften the boundaries of the garden.

6 Jul, 2008


Well, Peter, Grenville is going to try to convert you to the joys of flower growing! I hope he has more success than i have so far! More power to his elbow.... :-)

6 Jul, 2008


You're well on your way Peter. Your beds are looking real good compared to 2007. They can only get better :) I touch and smell my herbs all the time. My favorite is the scent of Oregano.

7 Jul, 2008


Both Spritz and myself are both on a 'mission' to convert you to growing flowers as well..... does that come through in our replies? On a seroius note you are doing a great job...... but....... how about some 'themed' areas. For example: exotic ,cottage garden, seaside, southern hemisphere, tropical, gravel garden, colour themed, climbing plants scrambling over the fence panels, a water feature, seating area, some statuary or art in the garden, an arbour, pergola or summer house, a shady area,vegetables or fruit.
Let us know how you get on........!!!!!!!!

7 Jul, 2008


Thanks everyone,
It's definitely reassuring to start small and I've learnt lots from my mistakes. I think now I'd be happier trying more and accepting that some of it won't work.

Spritz & Grenville - Don't hold your breath :o) I don't know why but I'm happier with my veg. I'm not saying never and
I've got the nasturtiums in for Spritz at the moment, but I'm happy with my veg. We'll see whether my resolve remains :o)

7 Jul, 2008


Your garden is nice and healthy looking Peter, thanks to all your hard work! Yes, I do the rosemary thing too; at Christmas our store carries rosemary 'trees' displayed at the registers & I can't stop petting them, lol! When I pinch off the tops of my herbs I always carry a little piece around for a while just because the scent is so wonderful...

8 Jul, 2008

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