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Harvesting onions and garlic


By peter


I pulled a few of my garlic and onions up last week and yesterday had an (almost) home grown lunch. Spaghetti carbonara made with my own onions, parsley and garlic – very tastey and rewarding. I’ve not really got room for a pig or chickens so I’ll make do with home grown veg :o)

Yesterday I harvested the rest of the garlic and onions. The tops had started to turn yellow but the garlic are all a lot smaller that the bulbs I planted from.

Harvest of garlic thermidrome

One of the garlic had what looked like a bulb growing half way up its stalk. If anyone knows why that is I’d be interested to know. I saw ‘the garlic man’ talking about garlic which looked similar but I thought the bulb was higher on his than it was on mine – and mine was only on one plant.

Strange garlic bulb

You’ll be pleased to hear – well, Spritz and Grenville will be :o) – that yesterday also saw the first flower on my nasturtiums – what a vibrant red!! They seem to be doing OK although a few of the leaves have turned yellow?

My first (ever) nasturtium flower

Today it’s a lovely day to be in the garden and the bees are buzzing around my broad leaved thyme. I hope it’s nice where you are :o)

Bee with sacks of pollen

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Wow Peter- the Italian meal sounds delicious, and double wow- the first flowers are appearing in your garden!
Well done - now what can be added for more colour, pattern texture and form? No doubt Spritz will advise as well. You realise that we wont give up making suggestions now- O.K, Now lets think.....
My suggestion...... How about creating a 'hot border' as you have the Nasturtiums as a start with oranges reds yellows and pinks and then into purple, blues and mauves for a touch of Grenville's wow factor?
You have made me a very happy 'bunny' from Bristol!
Best wishes and well done again,

13 Jul, 2008


Haha, not just yet Grenville :o) With the exceptions of what's in there, that border is staying mainly veg. However, I do have plans that I need help with! I'll blog about that later and you can get your thinking hat on :o)

13 Jul, 2008


Congrats on your good success. Any success is good right, considering that we haven't been growing "eatables" as my husband calls them, for very long it can really get exciting fast can't it. I don't have garlic but I do have onions, plus a lot of other things. Some have been disappointing but others have been amazing. I use the nasturtium leaves and flowers in salads along with all kinds of herbs, It makes a boring salad of purchased greens real snappy! Anyway keep it up and enjoy.

13 Jul, 2008


Wow, I didn't know you could eat nasturtiums - G & S will think I've done it deliberately :o) I just popped out to try a leaf (I'm not eating my only flower) and it tastes a bit like raddish, a bit spicy on the side of the tongue. I'll try a flower when I have a few more, they'll make the salad look great whatever the taste.

Marguerite, I'll brush the dirt off the garlic once it's dry but won't clean them. When I use them I'll just peel as I need it. It's my first time growing garlic though so I'm guessing :o)

13 Jul, 2008


Planting nasturtiums was a compromise for us, I wanted some flowers and he said "Can you eat it?" and with these it was yes, so we planted them. He said they reminded him of watercress, they are very peppery but mixed in with other stuff make a great salad! lol

13 Jul, 2008


Always so much tastier when you grow it yourself! Happy that you had a good harvest, Peter!

13 Jul, 2008


i made a salad the other day and topped it with some nasturtium flowers it looked fab!!! tasted good too!! just been trying my borage flowers they're unusual!! might collect them and freeze to make pretty ice cubes!

13 Jul, 2008


Had lovely weather here too Peter. Had to get the camera out! I too have nasturtiums in flower, but have not tried eating them.... :-)

13 Jul, 2008


Don't eat the flowers Peter ....PLEASE KEEP THEM FOR COLOUR !!!!!....
Spritz where are you? Please come to the rescue...
Peter is seriously tempted to eat his flowers as well as his vegetables, now he knows that some of the flowers are edible.
What can we do?

13 Jul, 2008


Right, Peter - firstly, many congratulations on your very first flower - I did know you could eat them, but I was hoping you wouldn't find out until you had at least seen them and admired them! I'm a happy bunny too (only we don't use that word in my garden :-( ...) Now you know that some flowers can serve two functions, you can grow some more 'edible' and 'ornamental' plants. I am going to suggest Calendulas. They are not called Pot Marigolds for nothing - yes, you can sprinkle the pretty yellow or gold petals in your salad and impress the missus with your culinary AND artistic skills both at the same time! They are also easily grown from seed... (Glad you enjoyed the veggies by the way!) Grenville and I are not giving up on you...go for it! He is obviously worried that you are going to gobble up all the flowers you grow. No, no, just use them for that certain 'piquancy' and admire the rest in the garden.

14 Jul, 2008


Phew- Thanks Spritz for helping to avoid what could have been a potential disaster. I have been awake all night suffering from the most dreadful visions of Peter creeping around his garden in the middle of night gathering all his 'edible' flowers and sprinkling them on his cornflakes the following morning! As you so rightly state we must'nt give up.......

14 Jul, 2008


Don't panic, the nasturtiums are still alive and well. I promise not to eat any more until I have seen them in full bloom - can't have you losing sleep :o)

14 Jul, 2008


Home grown tastes so much better! Well done Peter, I wish I was as lucky with the onions and things......we have just harvested our first potatoes and it might just be my imagination but they tasted so much better than shop ones.....As we are in thenorth east of scotland we will have to wait what the other veggies do .........Due to the harsher climate up here we are always a bit later but I am hoping I might be as lucky as you all to have some more veggies and fruit popping up this year :O)))

14 Jul, 2008

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