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By peter


Hi folks,

Well Grows on You continues to grow – and faster than we can keep up with!

As we continue to grow, we’d like you to help us keep the website a welcoming place for everyone. To help with this, we’ve launched a new feature which lets you tell us if you don’t think something should be on the site and will help us keep Grows on You enjoyable for everyone.

You will now see a little icon next to each blog, photo and question with a link saying “Flag this …”. Flagging something means you think it should not be on Grows on You and will bring it to our attention.

To help explain what we expect we’ve been thinking about how we’d like Grows on You to grow in the future.

We would like the questions section to be solely questions about gardening. Our members give fantastic help and advice and we think you’re an amazing, knowledgeable bunch. We also think if you’re willing to answer gardening questions you should be able to go through them without distraction.

We’d like suggestions for features/improvements to the website to come through to us via ‘contact us’ rather than be posted in the blogs. This helps us keep a track of suggestions and keeps the site focused on gardening.

For blogs and photos, Grows on You is a gardening website so we want to keep the focus on gardening and gardens. However, it is also a community and there are posts about nature in general, or member’s lives which we (and other members) also like to read. Although they’re not about gardening directly, they’re in the spirit of GoY. We think these posts are normally about members lives, but not necessarily gardens.

We would like you to use the new feature to tell us about the things I’ve mentioned above aswell as the obvious things like content which is offensive, infringes copyright, or is a commercial posting.

Thanks for making GoY a great place and let us know what you think :o)

Hope you’re all well.

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Newcomers don't always realise in which section items should be posted, so maybe your letter above, could be highlighted on the site in some way, so it would be more easily accessed by new members as a guide.

I belong to a bird forum where you can click on ALL posts submitted since, e.g. 1 hour, 2 hours, 1 day, 1 month.

Is there such a feature on GOY ? When I click on the site, I'm always wondering if I'm aware of all new posts.

Also, can I make that recent photo (in questions) of the
solitary snapdragon as one of my favourites ? I like the way it has set up home far away from gardens. Is the photo available to click on as a favourite ?

It's understandable you would prefer suggestions to be via the contact us feature, but does this mean other members won't know what has been suggested ? They might have useful input to make a suggestion even better.

Thanks for your help, Peter. GOY is great.

22 Aug, 2008


Nice one Peter
A one click simple effective way of sending alarm bells to the admin on subjects that may not be appreciated here on Goy........In saying that your probably going to be inundated with silly things as preferences differ from member to member.
Could you please give more Consideration to the Online Now Box.....using the same practical scheme as you have for this new addition..So many times now members come on to Goy talking to themselves due to being kept in the dark to whos online or who isnt...
Im sure its an easy thing to do and would be a lot more helpful than a "Flag This" button.
My Very Best Wishes

22 Aug, 2008


Hi Terratoonie,
Glad you like the site :o)

To answer your questions.

Flagging is only for disapproval, you are able to 'like' a photo and we'll be adding that to blogs too so you can praise them in that way.

We don't have a display in the last 1 hour/day feature but we are working on a more personalised way to ensure you don't miss new posts.

You can't favourite a photo from a question and we have no plans to do this.

We would prefer suggestions for new features and improvements to come to us. Most new features go through a test phase where we ask people for feedback and ideas for improvement before they're open to everyone.

Hi Kev,

We hope flagging is used sensibly, and we have no plans to implement an online now box.

22 Aug, 2008


Oh well
Thats another idea out of the window..such a pity because i would have thought all members may have appreciated it....just have to keep feeling around in the

22 Aug, 2008


LOL iv just sent u a PM asking what the Flag Icon is lol :D o well i know now &its a Great New Feature Peter/Ajay keep up good work XXX

22 Aug, 2008


Thanks Peter and Ajay for introducing this new feature.It will be very helpful to have it as a safety net.

22 Aug, 2008


Thanks Peter - an excellent addition. I well remember many months ago being very concerned at some idiot who joined, posted a photo of Cannabis and then ran for the hills, never to be heard of again! I was worried what impression that photo would give to any prospective new members logging on. You dealt with it at once, but this is a great idea and I'm sure won't be misused. Could be very useful for 'hoax' pictures! Let's hope there aren't too many... lol

22 Aug, 2008


Thanks a very good addition well done.

22 Aug, 2008


Gr8 addition to your "policing" Peter and Ajay. We've had the sus private messages, and I, too, was suspicious of a "member" in the past, who I "investigated" but who seemed to disappear quickly. It is apparent that more and more members feel right at home here (posting profile pics of themselves and family), conveying information about their lives, etc. I really like to see this, as it demonstrates the community atmosphere here on GOY. More and more of us are meeting up "in vivo" beacuse of GOY. You guys are doing a fab job, many thanks for this new addition!

23 Aug, 2008


That's a very good point indeed, David.
I feel more trustful of those who've posted details about their gardens and their location. I haven't yet posted photos as I get worried about the technical stuff, but some of my new GOY friends have given me advice on that, and I'll get into the photography soon!

There's certainly a wide variety of folk on GOY, and I think that's healthy, and reflects the world today. I've already made some very good pals through GOY and because it's fun, I'm learning lots about flowers and gardens almost without realising it ! David, you have obvious experience with youngsters and schools, and presumably you've found the same thing : if it's interesting and fun, the students will learn!

But the flags will hopefully highlight any members who might join up in the future trying to cause problems for the forum.

23 Aug, 2008


I Still think a Whos Online Now Box should be added and im not alone now so many times we log on and pass a comment then wait and wait and wait for a response..
Am i the only one that can see its advantages come on guys help me out here.

23 Aug, 2008


I belong to another forum where the Who Is On Line Now box works very well, and is very popular. It is a good indication of whether you might get instant response. But GOY has lots of good features, some of which I haven't come across on any other forum.

I guess all forums have things we especially like. Must say I like the photos on this forum. Very clever folk on GOY !
I really am a bit of a technophobe, so my first photo could end up on anyone's blog. Beware ! LOL

24 Aug, 2008


Thank You T.
Have any more members got any new thoughts on this i would love to see other members comments i really think this is a neccessity..........kev

24 Aug, 2008


Why do you want an instant answer,Kev? Not everyone you want to hear from can go on-line at the same time. I don't mind waiting until a selection of answers appear whoever they may be from and then I can answer.

27 Aug, 2008

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