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Suspicious private messages


By peter


Hi everyone,

Unfortunately we had a rogue member today writing private messages and asking for bank details.

This is a known confidence trick, please DO NOT pass on your bank details.

We will never pass on your details or ask for private details so please never give these out to people you don’t know.

We have removed the member and private messages, our apologies if you received a notification for a message which isn’t there.

Thanks to the people that alerted us to the messages. Flagging this type of comment or using the ‘contact us’ form are the best ways to let us know as we don’t always check private messages.

Best wishes

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Peter and Ajay ~
Thanks for acting so swiftly on this. :o)

1 Oct, 2008


Thanks Peter & Ajay.

1 Oct, 2008


Many thanks indeed - it was upsetting

1 Oct, 2008


Thanks guys.

1 Oct, 2008


thanks again guys for acting so quickly

1 Oct, 2008


Great Work Peter/Ajay :)

1 Oct, 2008


Thank you both for dealing with this problem so quickly and efficiently.

1 Oct, 2008


How on earth could they think that such a low trick would ever work on this great site? I personally have plenty of explicit adjectives to describe such people, but not enough good ones for your timely attention and "extermination", guys.Many Thanks from me, too.

1 Oct, 2008


Good job guys. These people are a pain.

1 Oct, 2008


Well done Peter and Ajay , . quickly dealt with !

2 Oct, 2008


Thanks for that.
Good to see Spritz on here again - hope everything is OK with you?

2 Oct, 2008


Great job Guys! You run a well managed site - Thanks!

8 Oct, 2008


My Grandson who is a plant breader, breading Wheat for dry and hot countries, based in Adelaid University, has just written to say how immpressed and proud he is of his Gran beeing a BLOGGER "Keep up the good work he says" now I know what advantages one has as a Blooger not only for gardening questions! thanks chaps for the allertness you show in protecting and helping us all in our twilight year hobbies both of Gardening and computing!..

26 Oct, 2008


Telme8 ~
Sounds like you're doing very well on the internet and GoY !
No wonder your grandson is so impressed with you !

I've given this blog a 'like' because I agree with you that Peter and Ajay do a great job in promptly protecting GoY members from imposters. :o)

26 Oct, 2008


You must have stopped them before i received one of these private messages.
But i have received a few bogus emails, after details. some just want me to click onto their site to get into my computer. My sister understands more about computers than i do and has warned me that is how a computer virus can get into the computer. I only open any emails if i know who it's from now, or if i have read one i make sure i don't click onto anything within the email.
Some right sneaky crooks out there!

7 Nov, 2008


Thank you! I had received a few messages from someone new that didn't seem quite right, now I know why! Luckily there was no request for information so I guess he was still trying to gain my confidence before trying that.
I like the new look by the way, this is a really excellent site.

18 Nov, 2008

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