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By peter


Hi, I’ve been using my “about me” as a little mini blog every now and then but it’s been a while since I’ve written. I’ve decided to blog about my (poor) gardening efforts here now, so before my next entry, here’s a catch up…

6th June 2007
Up until last week, everything was keeping itself happy, the rain was keeping everything watered and my new border needed very little care. Last week the watering can came out and at the weekend I had a mini disaster; I dropped a log on top of one of my onions! Not sure how it’s going to turn out, but right now it’s seeming like a tough little fella.

5th May 2007
So it’s 9 pm and the last of the grass has been removed from my new patch. My shiny new spade managed two blisters before I returned to the garden centre for a pair of not-so-shiny new gardening gloves, and I can tell by the sound whether my spade is stuck on flint or the concrete left by builders.
The weather was perfect in the morning but the barbecue for lunch provided a welcome break as digging became very hot work in the midday sun.
Having worked for a day on the garden I’m reconsidering my original plans and am developing an urge to grow something I can harvest and eat in the autumn.

23rd April 2007
I finally got around to filtering the hundreds of photos I took in Japan and have uploaded the last few so I’ll be photographing closer to home again. It was great returning to England to find the magnolias in bloom and bluebells flowering so I’ll be out and about with my new camera soon – the old one was held together with masking tape and there were bargains in Japan.
The beautiful weather last week meant a trip to the garden centre for this year’s herbs, chillis and tomatoes which are now potted and in the back garden.
I’ve used the new “tagging” keyword feature to organise the photos I’ve put on the site. When you look at a photo there is a section for tags you can click on (I’ve used “foreign_trees” for all the photos I had in mind when I wrote the blog entry of the same title). Have a look and click on some of the tags so see how they work.

I’ve decided to just add to this section and put the date when I do so everything after this point was pre-23rd April…

I’m currently visiting Japan where everything is just different. We’re here in cherry blossom season, but I’ve uploaded some photos I took while walking through a suburb of Osaka (imaginatively titled “Japanese Trees” 1 to 8). The trees take a lot of care, and can be expensive to keep as professional help is often required. It looks like bonsai for full sized trees to me. We also took a trip to Okinawa and visited the South East Botanical Gardens there. The colours there were fantastic and I’ve uploaded a few of the photographs I took of the exotic flowers. Any help identifying the ones I don’t know is appreciated, if you leave a comment I’ll update the details of the photo.

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