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BBC Gardener's World plant list - 5th June 2009


By peter


Hi Folks,

Hope you all had a great weekend, in case you missed GW, or didn’t get time to write the plants down, here’s the list :o)

This Friday, Toby, Joe and Alys started on their front garden projects which mainly involved hard landscaping, but they did add a few plants:
Front Gardens
Cytisus battandieri (Pineapple broom)
Helianthus annuus ‘Pastiche’ (Annual sunflower)
Lonicera periclymenum ‘Graham Thomas’ (Honeysuckle)

Carol’s class was on propagating from green seed which she said was mainly done with Primula’s:
Primula vulgaris
Primula japonica

Toby recommended a whole raft of plants to add scent to a garden:
Hesperis matronalis var. albiflora (White Sweet Rocket)
Nemesia ‘Wisley vanilla’
Elaeagnus ‘Qucksilver’
Dianthus ‘Fizzy’
Heliotropium arborescens ‘Princess Marina’ (Heliotrope
Cosmos atrosanguineus (Chocolate cosmos)

This week’s garden from the public only mentioned one plant, but it was a beautiful red grass:
Imperata cylindrica ‘Rubra’ (Japanese blood grass)

Toby’s creating a spice border and, inspired by a Moroccan spice stall, planted up lots of warm coloured, plus a Cineraria with silver foliage as the canvas:
Oxalis ‘Sunset velvet’
Gazania ‘Daybreak Red Stripe’
Tagetes patula ‘Boy O Boy’ mix (Dwarf French marigold)
Surfinia petunia ‘Burgundy’
Helychrysum petiolare ‘Limelight’
Cineraria ‘Silver Dust’

The tender veggies that were planted out (now the risk of frost has passed):
Sweet corn ‘Swift’
Spinach ‘Fiorano’

And the two Dahlia’s planted by Joe & Alys:
Dahlia ’Twyning’s After Eight’
Dahlia ‘Joe Swift’

Carol waxed lyrical about the Oriental Poppy:
Papaver orientale ‘Beauty of Livermore’
P. ’Patty’s Plum’
P. ’Perry’s White’

Hope you’re all well, and happy gardening :o)

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Thanks, Peter.
All useful information. :o)

8 Jun, 2009


missed it
cheers peter, have been waiting patiently knowing you would put the deatails up

x x x

8 Jun, 2009


Thank you so much for the list it really helped me

8 Jun, 2009


And did anyone notice right at the end when they were showing photos people had sent in of their gardens they flashed up one of Fourseasons' garden?

8 Jun, 2009


I see that Tagetes is mentioned there .....
When i asked a local nursery for these they told me that they couldn't get any because "no-one was growing them anymore"
I didn't believe him !
Seeing as they were mentioned on national tv clearly they ARE still available. Grrrrr!

8 Jun, 2009


You're all welcome folks :o)

Sid - Yes, I saw that although I think Toby called it 'a four season' garden? I definitely recognised the picture though - remember you saw it here first folks :o) I wonder if we'll spot any more GoY gardens on Gardener's World. I'm not convinced that my strip of mud is ready for national TV just yet :o)

Louise1 - We have loads listed in the garden centre, I wonder if you'd asked for French Marigolds (Tagetes patula) or African Marigolds (Tagetes erecta) he might have been able to help :o)

8 Jun, 2009


LOL - never mind Peter, your strip of mud is very lovely in its own way ;-)

9 Jun, 2009

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