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Small Gardens at Hampton Court


By peter


We did think the first day of Hampton Court was a good idea, but the weather wasn’t ideal.

Unfortunately I forgot to blog we’d be there. Bad planning on my part as I was cycling the Coast to Coast until Monday before visiting the show on Tuesday and only thought about it after I’d set off. Will definitely blog earlier next time.

The sky was certainly looking angry for most of the day although at one point we had bright sun and heavy rain. I definitely recognise ShirleyPoppy’s view from inside a tent, fortunately the plant marquee was great to look around too.

After the worst of the rain we went round the small gardens snapping away. With not much space myself it’s nice to see what other ideas people have. Some I liked, and some I would want – but as usual, not all of them :o) Here’s a little tour…

I wonder what the neighbours would say if constructed a turret to over look them!?

Teenage Sanctuary

Or if I filled my garden with poisonous and deadly plants…

The Dark Side of Beauty

Not much chance of me getting a seaside garden around here, but I really liked the drift wood used in this garden.

Within the sound of breeze

If you don’t have much space, then grow upwards. Something the Owlsmoor Primary School did with their garden, nice to see some veggies in there :o)

Learning to Grow, Growing to Learn

One of my favourites was Pepa’s Karst Garden, apparently based a typical farmhouse in the Slovenian Karst region. “Yorkshire on holiday in the Med” is the odd way I’d describe, is that just me?

Pepa’s Karst Garden

One of the things I like about Hampton Court is that you can walk around a lot of the gardens – much more involving and interesting than admiring from a distance at Chelsea.

Colour From the Garden

I didn’t go into the ‘Calm’ garden and help myself to a glass – I don’t think we’re meant to get that invovled in them :o)


Macmillan sponsored a garden which was planted with many plants used in the treatment of cancer.

The Healing Garden

The on a shoe string is apparently easy to construct by hand, and economical! I thought it looked really good, although I suspect their shoestring would be more than what I’d call a shoestring.

On a Shoestring

The Back to Front garden from the British Heather Growers Association was another one of my favourites. I really liked the sunken seating area and have a few heathers myself which are beautiful when they’re in bloom.

Back to Front

As soon as I saw ‘Urbanise’ it was easy to tell it was an ‘urban’ garden, it just has that look about it.


And one day I’m going to get one of these – a gigantic stove in the garden to go with all herbs and veggies :o) Maybe with a rain cover it might even be practical in Britain? I enjoy cooking and BBQs so having an attractive stove in my garden actually really appeals – although I’d bet it’s not to everyones’ taste.

A Chef’s Garden

Anyway, that was a whistle stop tour of the small gardens at Hampton Court this year. If you’re going over the weekend, have a great time :o)

Although my garden is a bit full with veggies and pots at the moment I did buy some garlic for sowing later in the year, and a vicious man eating beast!!

OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration but it is carnivorous. Hopefully my little Sarracenia x Readii will keep the flies under control in the kitchen this summer.

My new Sarracenia

Have a great weekend, and happy gardening :o)

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Thanks for the tour Peter,lovely gardens and photos :)
I like the planting in the chefs garden,don't think the stove would get much use though !

10 Jul, 2009


Hi Peter ~
Were you exhausted after the Coast to Coast cycling ?
Thanks for this blog. Interesting, especially for those of us who can't get to see the show for real. From your pics my favourite is definitely Pepa's Karst Garden... :o)

10 Jul, 2009


great blog. Peter

back to front is my favorite...;-))

10 Jul, 2009


Thanks Peter,enjoyed your favourites are the dark side of beauty and the chef`s garden,.........

10 Jul, 2009


Yes I like 'the dark side' too. Still haven't got there for various reasons, maybe Sunday.

10 Jul, 2009


Great photos, thanks. Love the look of the sound of breeze garden!

10 Jul, 2009


Thanks everyone, I'm glad you liked it :o)

Aster - It would definitely need a cover :o)

TT- Not too bad after the ride, it actually got easier - thanks to some peculiar planning we covered almost half the distance on day 1 of 3 :o) Pepa's Karst garden was really nice.

Sandra - Good taste :o)

Lincslass & Ginellie - The dark side was a really good garden, quite atmospheric, as you'd expect :o)

Paul - The sound of breeze was good, a bit different and definitely 'beachy'

10 Jul, 2009


Lovely pictures and great blog. Thank you for giving us a tour, especially interested to see the Owlsmoor Primary School garden as my grand-daughter attends this school and have heard all about it. They had some disappointment with vandalism in the school garden last year so it's great to see them getting a medal at Hampton Court.

11 Jul, 2009


love the pics, seen it on tv. my fav, i think it was called the allotment garden & then if you had the chefs garden, food & cookin wat more do you need, oh yes a glass ot wine.

11 Jul, 2009


Thanks for showing us your day out at hampton court.

11 Jul, 2009


Lily - they must be really chuffed, and a great lift after the disappointment too!!
Truds - I'm with you there, my little strip of mud is a mini allotment :o)
Clarice - glad you like it, thanks :o)

11 Jul, 2009


~I think the healing garden would be just right to sit out in at the end of the day!

11 Jul, 2009


Great blog Peter, for those of us who were unable to make the trip, you bring a little piece of Hampton Court direct to our laptops!
Thanks for the inspirations.

25 Jul, 2009

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