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Looking forward to the weekend


By peter


We’ve been so hectic since getting back from Japan that I haven’t had time to spend in the garden. It doesn’t look too bad, but there are a lot of weeds and my spring cabbage really really needs moving – I hope I’m not too late.

A quick snap from the only time I’ve spent in the garden

As well as some general TLC I need to give the lawn the first mow of the year. That should really have been done last week too but hey ho.

My garlic (which I am very pleased with so far) looks like the leaves are starting to die and the packet says I can start lifting them when that happens. I might try lifting one or two this weekend but don’t want to risk the lot in excitement :o) Patience of a saint? Pah! Patience of a gardener, that’s what you want!!

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I am sure that "patience" won't even be in your gardening vocab soon, Peter. Things will soon start "taking off" so quickly that you won't have time to wait at all! Good Luck with the garlic - and the Spring Cabbage.

25 Apr, 2008


I can't wait :o) Just got to think what to plant next, I'm still not used to thinking ahead for the garden.

25 Apr, 2008


We STILL haven't converted you to growing some flowers as well, have we? A suggestion. Buy one, just one packet of hardy annuals like Californian Poppies or Godetia or Nigella and scatter them in an empty space - they don't take long to germinate, and see if you like them - you can always dig them up if you don't! Please, pretty please? If you buy at a cheapie shop you can pick them up for as little as 39p!

26 Apr, 2008


Not converted yet Spritz :o) But just for you I shall give it a go this weekend!!! I am completely at your mercy on this one Spritz!

Flicking through the seeds I got with copies of AG last year; I have a packet of Nasturtiums, Jewel Mix, and the packet says hardy annuals so sounds right? Or would you recommend something else? The pack has been sat on my window sill under some junk for quite a while, probably since this time last year. Do you think they'll be OK or should I pop and get a new packet?

26 Apr, 2008


Just found two packets of Amaranthus, although I think I prefer the look of the Nasturtiums, the Amaranthus look like big catkins.

26 Apr, 2008


I would go with the nasturtium, Peter. Easy to grow, the flowers and leaves are edible in slads (very peppery taste, tho) and, planted fairly close to your veggies but not right next to them, will distract pests away from the precious veggies and attract predators and beneficial insects. The packet you have should still be okay (should have a "sow-by-date" on it?). Incidentally, I have Amaranthus to sow, but am never quite sure of these strange plants - haven't seen one for many years, however.

26 Apr, 2008


Aha, thanks David, just saw this after my last comment. Sow by June 2008 - perfect :o) A job for today then.

27 Apr, 2008


I don't like Amaranthus - they look weird to me. Only problem you might get with Nasturtiums is that they get blackfly - so watch out and deal with it as soon as you see them! I do not want the blame for them moving up the border onto your cabbages! They grow easily and are indeed pretty plants. Don't feed them - they prefer a meagre diet, or you will get lots of lush leaves and not many flowers.

27 Apr, 2008


I guess I'll be fine so long as I know to look out for them. The Amaranthus seeds will be returned to my window sill.

Time to start the experiment...

27 Apr, 2008


Im the odd one out here , I grow Amaranthus and I like them , people are always asking me what they are and that they have never seen them before , lol , a few people have asked me for plants if I have any to spare so ive got quite a few on the go just now .

27 Apr, 2008


Well, Weemammabell, I'll join you and sow my packet of seed asap. My variety is "Velvet Curtain".

27 Apr, 2008


Just Googled Amaranthus - it said "also known as pigweed"

30 Apr, 2008

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