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By peter


Wow, my first real weekend gardening! I took ukslim’s advice and dug to just over a foot, removing the debris and rubble before turning in some compost. Most of me aches after 3 days of digging, lugging stuff around, re-digging and digging again, but I can safely say I loved it; so much so that I was a little lost when Monday’s rain got too heavy to be outside.

After clearing the rocks and bricks I decided to treat this patch as a bit of an experiment, I wasn’t sure whether to plant veg or decorative plants, and I didn’t know which decorative plants I wanted anyway. As my first project I’ve created 3 small sections and will wait to see whether growing vegetables or decorative plants provides me with the most satisfaction. I have a herb garden nearest the house, a small patch for vegetables in the middle, and at the far end an area for decorative plants. I’m aware that I’m a bit late starting this year but we’ll see how the veg have grown come harvest.

I chose not to go with conifers in the end as to get what I wanted would have been quite expensive, and being a rented property I didn’t want to spend lots on something I would likely leave behind. The herbs, veg and heathers were all less than £2 each (except the tomatoes which I had already) and the four shrubs were £5 each. I’ve tried to give the plants enough space to grow and found deciding where to put everything quite difficult to start with. Eventually I came to the conclusion that if it wasn’t right I could move things round later. It was much more relaxing after I accepted it didn’t have to be perfect the first time and I’m pleased with the way the garden looks now, even if it’s an unconventional mix.

Since I was changing the garden quite a bit, I decided to make a little video of my progress which we could use to spread the word about Grows on You. Hardly Hichcock in its camera work but fun to make.

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Super trooper! Ive never seen armies of pots and bin bags parading a garden before, excellent :-) enjoy.

8 May, 2007


Fantastic video Peter!! You have to let us know how you made it :)

9 May, 2007


lol , loved it !

9 May, 2007


Great! I would like to make a video like this.

10 May, 2007


Hi, I'm so glad you liked it :o) My computer is a MacBook Pro which doesn't use Microsoft Windows so this might not help all of you. It came with software called iMovie which let me import pictures and converts them to little clips of film. Then I just put all the clips together; it's drag and drop and because my photos were all in order I could select them all at once. I think that Windows Movie Maker lets you do the same thing if you have that. If you have the right program to make one, the time consuming bit is dropping everything and running over to take the photos every 5 minutes.

10 May, 2007


Looks great Peter! What else have you got planned?

25 May, 2007


Hi Ned, I'm not sure yet. I liked Poppy's suggestion on the question I posted, saying that I should add some curves to the garden. I think I'll be asking more about what to plant soon - and probably be making another one of these cartoons too :o)

25 May, 2007


Amazing how all the plants and everything just marched right along with no help from you. What nursery did you get them from? Self planting plants would certainly be on my next garden items list. Great video!

3 Aug, 2008

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