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By peter


Hi Everyone,

Well Tammielee almost tempted us into announcing this early but we just about managed to resist.

After some great help and feedback on the test version, we’re really pleased to launch our new ‘Shops’ feature on the site and we hope you like it. If you look to the top right you’ll see the new tab.

If you’ve managed to resist clicking on it to see what happens, the shop gives you…

Price comparison. You can search and browse plants for sale from across the internet to find what you want and compare their prices.

Customer Reviews. Read customer reviews before you buy and write your own reviews of garden centres and nurseries.

Local listings. Feel free to add your favourite garden shops to our list and review them too – they don’t need to have a website to be included.

We hope that this new feature makes it easier for you to shop online, and provides a useful way to find local garden centres recommended by other members.

Thanks to all those members that took part in the testing and for all their great feedback.

As ever, this is just the start and we will be searching more products, more retailers and more countries in the future. We would love to hear your thoughts on the new features.

Happy gardening

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I haven't put as many reviews as I would have liked. Things have been rather difficult for me at the moment. Will it still be possible to do it ?

23 May, 2008


Hi Blodyn,
There's no rush. Retailers and reviews can be added over time, we see this section as something that will grow into a useful resource as more members contribute. You can add things whenever you feel like it.

23 May, 2008


After a bit of a problem on my part as you know Peter I did find this an ideal edition like Blodyn I didnt put many reviews but as you say it still early days Another good idea to a great site

23 May, 2008


Is it possible to amend an entry I added? I now have the website address and their phone number. Thanks.

23 May, 2008


Hi Spritz, Not just just yet but that's something we could add. If you put them here, I can amend the entry for you.

24 May, 2008


This is a great addition Peter, but does this give you enough compensation to keep this site up and running?

25 May, 2008


Hi TammieLee, we hope it will but don't worry - we're not going anywhere :o)

25 May, 2008

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