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I thought a few of you may find this interesting. While trying to work out what is wrong with our lawn in my research i stumbled upon this website
I’m a newbie and i was trying to understand ph and soil types this. Put your postcode into the box and it will tell you what type of soil you have in your area. After having done this i found out that the soil we have has bad drainage and doesn’t have many nutrients. Now we know why our lawn is nearly always wet. Hence the scarifying aerating and fertilising it this weekend! Not had time to top dress it yet that will have to wait until we get back! i hope that this information is usefull to some of you.

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Good to know petitebabe.

20 Oct, 2010


Thanks for the inf :o)

20 Oct, 2010


Thankyou ......

20 Oct, 2010

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