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Early Summer even up here in the north!


Well it wasn’t such a long winter as i thought it would be just a harsh one! My privet hedge has survived the harsh winter and put forth some lovely fresh green leaves all over it. I started clearing out all the fallen leaves from under it last month to put some fertiliser down to give it a boost but then i became ill and i didn’t get around to doing it. It has been kick started by the warm weather. I don’t remember such a warm spring last April school hols we were in Cornwall and it was freezing every night and one night it was -2 I know because we were sleeping in a mobile home with heating only in the living room area! My golden cupressus died a death and i had to compost them. My pansies have survived amazingly enough and are looking wonderful. Removed a whole tub full of cat poo from one veg bed yesterday and had a little tidy up of the patio. Which has knocked me up today. I will potter a little today and see what i can do as my family and i have had a horrid winter virus that has gone away and keeps coming back since feb! Off to the health food store tommorow to get a tonic! The grass had it’s first cut a couple of weeks ago and we have feed and weedkilllered it but it’s in a very patchy state i have been told that it was chafer grub as we found some eggs in a core sample taken. We have had it sprayed with pesticide about a month ago. As much as we hate to use these things we have been fighting for 2 years to keep our lawn from going to bear earth! This weekend i shall be scattering on some topsoil and grass seed as recommended by a grass care company mentioning no names as i’m not sure i’m allowed to. Thought this was a good tip it was recommended that i mix the seed with the top soil leave it in the wheel barrow or trug for 3 days with a plastic sheet over to germinate. That way when you sprinkle it on the seed gets less wasted as the birds won’t eat it and it gives the grass a head start. i will let you know if this works! The children and i have been very busy planting things indoors to grow on outside in my mini greenhouse. My wonderfull husband built me a set of shelves with left over pieces of wood to put my 5 propergaters on! It’s fabulous what i had before was temporary shelves that used to fall over when knocked and spill soil all over my hallway! So we have seedlings galore to plant out and seed potatoes to plant. but first i have to water in my nemaslug and then in 1 week i can start planting out. I know i’m a little behind but progress is a little slow due to being ill. My husband has been busy in the garden and has put butterfly netting on my newly built cloche. This has been great and has stopped the cats pooing on it! One more veg bed to do this on (the one the cats have been pooing in!) I hope everyone has a fruitfull season growing things and enjoying their garden.

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Hi PB - sounds like you have been really busy - which is probably why you are suffering today. Do take care of yourself won't you.

The weather is so nice at the moment it sort of spurs you on to do more than perhaps you should at any one time doesn't it ? It looks like everything is coming along nicely though, even if it's a bit later than you originally hoped. Everything will get done in time. Happy Gardening.

20 Apr, 2011


Thanx mariek the weather is soo lovely i have managed to potter and do quite a lot just doing a little at a time!

23 Apr, 2011


I'm glad to hear that PB - the sun always makes us feel better doesn't it ? Doing a little at a time is the only way I can garden as well - you just get used to it after a while.

23 Apr, 2011


excellent blog..thanks for sharing..looks like you all set up for the season ahead..hope it progresses as planned

12 May, 2011

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