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Amaryllis on balcony 2009-08-18 001.jpg


By Balcony

Amaryllis on balcony 2009-08-18 001.jpg (Amaryllis Hippeastrum)

Now the pure red Amaryllis has begun to flower as well. It's in the same pot as the red & white Amaryllis flowering on my balcony in August.

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It's beautiful, Balcony!

19 Aug, 2009


Really great colour. :-)

21 Aug, 2009


Hmmm! But would it go??? I could put one in the house, of course!!

21 Aug, 2009


I've got dozens in the house - quite literally! Remember my blog on Amaryllis seedlings? If not just go to my blogs & you can read about them & see some photos of them.

I was thinking only yesterday that I've got to take another photo or two of them, they have really grown big now. The ones in the kitchen window have filled their 6" pots & are trying to spill out of them! Can't wait to see the first flowers next year! They take at least 4 years from seed to flower!

My bedroom window sill is also full of pots of Amaryllis seedlings - in two layers!
These are only in 5" pots & may need another year yet before they flower.

Then there are more in 5" pots on the balcony as well as the big pot with the original 3 bulbs I bought at the the 1st International Street Market we had downtown 8 years ago. The photo above is from that pot of original three bulbs.

The pure white one will not give me any flowers this year. Today the 4th & last flower on the red bulb opened. I had to take another photo!!! I removed the two dead flowers from the white & red bulb this afternoon. Just one flower left. There were 4 but trying to water the hanging baskets I broke off the flower that was facing outwards while the other three escaped my elbow.

22 Aug, 2009


Wow! That's a long time! You must be really patient!! How long do they take from bulb stage?

22 Aug, 2009


After about 4 or 5 years from seed they should flower most years if you deadhead them & feed them after flowering & they will increase if they find the conditions you supply are to their liking! No different in fact from Daffs or Dahlias. Only you must keep them frost free. If they can get a few hours of sun a day you're guaranteed flowers every year.

If you buy bulbs they will flower a couple of months after planting but then they can keep on year after year!

The red ones in the photo above have flowered every year I've had them for the last 8 years!

The red & white one skipped a few years as did the pure white one which gives no sign of flowering this year. :(

All three have lived in the same pot for 3 or 4 years now as well.

23 Aug, 2009


Wow! Sounds good! Dunno if I'd have the patience for growing them from seed tho!
A few hours of sun every day? In scotland? I'd have to buy them one of those anti-SAD lamps!Lol!

23 Aug, 2009


I dunno but you seem to get a fair bit of sun if the weather charts are anything to go by!

I've taken a couple of photos of the tiers of pots of Amaryllis in my bedroom window. When I upload them to my computer later in the day I'll post them in My Garden.

I'll do the same when I get a couple of the kitchen window full of Amaryllis in 6" pots.

23 Aug, 2009


Please do! Its tanking down here, & I've got a bed to dig & a path to prepare!!! :~((( Never mind, I'll paint the living room instead!!

23 Aug, 2009


Have a look in My Garden when you have a couple of minutes off from your painting!

23 Aug, 2009


Will do, having a wee break, it's the moving books & furniture that takes the time, the painting is the fun bit!!

23 Aug, 2009


I sympathize with you! I also agree that moving things back & forth is the worst part of the job!!

23 Aug, 2009


My house is a tiny one-bedroomed cottage, so theres nowhere to move it to!!!
I thought I may as well do it while I'm still trying to get things sorted after the kitchen invasion!

23 Aug, 2009


Our place is a tiny 2 bedroomed flat on the ground floor. But we have tremendous light. The living room & kitchen have windows their entire length about 1 metre from the floor & up to the ceiling. The windows in the bedrooms are also quite big. When the sun comes up it streams in through the bedroom windows. :) Then as it moves westwards it reaches our balcony about 11 am & as it continues west & gets lower in the sky the sunlight enters through our windows & the plants do little to stop it either! The kitchen at 3 pm is full of sunlight & we have to close the blinds on sunny days! When I'm sitting here at the computer the sun streams onto the screen & I have to close the blinds here for a couple of hours!!

Shame about the view though - we have a row of houses the other side of the street but they are quite some way off. I would rather see the houses than just their roofs. I helped a guy on the fifth floor to put up some blinds a couple of years ago. The view from his flat, while spectacular, is over the roofs of the houses in front & it looks for all the world like waves from the sea coming towards you!

23 Aug, 2009


I used to be able to see down to the river from my living room, but some b************* put a warehouse in the way, AND they've planted a leyladii hedge!!!

23 Aug, 2009

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