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Our Bulbaholic's lady...
She is a special one...
She knows which shrubs like shady...
She knows which trees love sun.

And in the Questions Section...
She answers lots and lots...
On winter plant protection...
And bugs in flower pots.

So much advice she's written...
I really am impressed...
For overseas and Britain...
And unknown folk named "guest"...

She likes to grow organic...
A special recipe...
Of compost heaps titanic...
Made by her Mister B.

Her pussycats are well-bred...
You'll think you're seeing double !
But keep them off the moonbed...
Or they'll be in Big Trouble !

A fortnight ~ yes ~ that's needed...
You well deserve a break...
To get the garden weeded...
And ice the Christmas cake.

Sabbatical ?'ve earned it !
Relax and watch the rain...
The midnight oil ~ you've burned it !
But please come back again...

I'm sending this quite early...
Consulted with the moon...
Please, Bulbaholic's girlie...
Be here with us quite soon !

My rhyming might seem cock-eyed...
It's Christmastime you see...
Return in time for Yuletide...
We miss you Mrs. B. :o)

....with love & hugs from Terratoonie. xxx

7 Dec, 2009


Well Done, Tt! You have voiced the thoughts of many of us here. :-))

7 Dec, 2009



7 Dec, 2009


~ Agreed David!
My brain's a little rusty now not had much need for Rhyme
~ but feel the need to tell you we miss you and it will soon be time
for you to return to us,take part and have no fear~
we will try to keep the spirit of Christmas alive ~ for those we do hold dear!

7 Dec, 2009


great poem Terra and so true,
come back soon moongrower, we all miss you
sandra xx

7 Dec, 2009


...and so say all of us!

7 Dec, 2009


Well, I am going to have to take the risk of not getting any supper tonight!!!!
Moongrower is still on sabbatical but I can reveal that she is still lurking. She really loved Terratoonie's poem and it has made her day. Whilst she is not going to respond herself, Mrs MB has permitted me to say thank you to Terra and promises that she will be back. Mrs MB is quite overcome with all the nice messages she has received and thanks you all.

7 Dec, 2009


Love the poem TT (aren't you clever...?)....says it all really. Mr Moonbulb please will you pass on my good wishes too? Looking forward to having Mrs MB back with us soon xx

7 Dec, 2009


Thanks, David, Arlene, Sandra, Alz and Di....

....and....thank you Mr. Moonaholic..aka lots of other names...:o)

Yes....The lovely Mrs. MB requested no responses to her blog....
..she requested no private messages....
... I'm so pleased she forgot to request no photo comments. Lol. xxxxxxx

7 Dec, 2009


That's really good to know, Mr Moonbulb! Give her my love & tell her I hope she'll be back soon! :~))
Terra, you're a sly one! :~D Great poem!
Hope you got your supper ok, Mr. MB!!

7 Dec, 2009


Trust you to find a way round things Tt!
Glad to hear Mrs Whatever will be back with us soon. :o)))

7 Dec, 2009


What a lovely (a very clever) set of verses, TT - hope very much it helps persuade MG to return to GoY after her sabbatical :)

7 Dec, 2009


Hello Lily and Gee...
This is on GoYpedia now.... Garden Poems :o)
Yes, looking forward to seeing MG back on GoY after a week or so....
I owned an MG car some time ago....
..... but that's another story..LOL. x

9 Dec, 2009


I always wanted an MGBGT, but I STILL cant drive!!

10 Dec, 2009


Thank you all... Terra's poem helped me when I was feeling pretty low - and I confess I read all of your concerns and wishes. I had simply had enough of the 'agro' side of GoY and needed to step back. I always need space at this time of year so I apologise now if I worried or upset anyone... as we go into the dark days I feel the need to turn within and look at the past year before moving on into the light again. Come 1 January I will be brighter and breezier. I've got some pix I took with my new wee camera and will hopefully post them in the next week or so. There may even be a new avatar...

19 Dec, 2009


I'm glad you're feeling chirpier Mg, i look forward to seeing your pictures too

19 Dec, 2009


Madperth... I owned a white MGBGT.....Lol.

Nice to see you perkier, Moongrower...
Nothing wrong with taking a break....
Sometimes I need time on my own to "recharge my batteries" so I understand your need to step back for a while.

Looking forward to your new photos on GoY after Christmas. :o)

19 Dec, 2009


Hi MG...welcome back....know what you mean about the Festives...not MY favourite time of year either - and as I hate New Year too.....roll on 2010 I say...:<<((

19 Dec, 2009


Welcome back MG, glad to hear you're feeling refreshed.
I agree Alz and am looking forward to 2010 whatever it may bring.

19 Dec, 2009


I hate the commercial side of things - I really enjoy the going into the darkness and the return into the light. Living where we do it is such a contrast light for 19- 20 hours in mid summer and then the dark on midwinter.

19 Dec, 2009

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