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A little succulent for the office!

A little succulent for the office!

My wife brought home this cute little succulent from her sister's house in a Styrofoam cup yesterday and it got planted tonight! The container is a "closed container" (no water openings) and we had the perfect new home for the little guy! The container had a cactus growing in it years ago and had been discarded in the garage. I cleaned out that old container and saved all of the desert looking "nick-nacks" that it had. Of course the soil was replaced with a mixture of "Rabbit Hill Farms Big potting mix" that contains all of the great organic amendments as a base soil environment. I added quite a bit of "lava-sand" to simulate the "desert soil" and added a little "expanded shale" to hold moisture in the pot. All of the great "desert nick-nacks" were then placed back into the pot and our little "newbie" looks like one happy camper in his new home!
It'll be one of those indoor plants that require water on a bi-monthly basis because of the organic soil and the water retaining abilities of the "expanded shale".
This little guy will be interesting to watch! :-)

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This is a Schlumbergera. It doesn't live in the desert. It lives as an epiphyte in tropical rain forests. It requires more moisture retentive soil then a desert cactus, and more shade aswell. I have several of these. They have lovely flowers.

19 Sep, 2009


Thank you SO much for the info!
I have since re-potted the little guy, now that I know what it is!
The new soil mix consists of the same rich organic potting soil,
less the sand and more of the expanded shale to retain water.
This new soil mix should make the little guy "one happy camper"!
The light situation has also been changed.
Pretty cool to learn that this 'lil guy will flower! That made my day!
Thanks! :-)

20 Sep, 2009

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