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Howea fosteriana - Kentia Palms in my front yard

Howea fosteriana - Kentia Palms in my front yard (Howea fosteriana - Kentia Palm)

Kentia Palms were in pots growing into the ground, some for around 2 or 3 years. They were in the area I'm going to landscape and build a shade structure. Photo taken Jan. 28, 2010.

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i have loads of potted plants doing this u starting to sort out the shade bed??

29 Jan, 2010


Looking forward to seeing how it all develops ... love kentias - they are definitely my favourite.

29 Jan, 2010



Yes, I'm moving and digging the many potted plants which have growin into the ground out. I think it may take me a little longer than a month to finish this area. It was good we had all that rain last was easier to dig the plants out with the soft soil...which was like concrete not so long ago.

29 Jan, 2010



As you can see...I love them too. : > )
I think I have around 35 of them. LOL!

This area must be completed before March...because the Jacaranda tree will start loosing all it's leaves and this area
will be in full sun.

29 Jan, 2010


I like Kentias have one indoors thats growing well

29 Jan, 2010


It will be lovely when your finished Andy......Good luck with it ...

29 Jan, 2010



I have a lot of Kenita palms in pots and in the ground...they grow relatively fast in the pots they can stay small for decades.


Thanks! I have a really nice plan for this 8' X 12' area. I hope it looks like how I'm picturing it to be!

30 Jan, 2010


So if i plant mine out in summer they should grow faster?...:o))

30 Jan, 2010



Most likely not. There's a few limiting factors.

1. Kentia palms grown in the house have to acclimate to sun or they burn severely...this takes many months (maybe up to 6 months or more).

2. When they're grown in pots or temporarily in the ground even in the sun they still grow slowly. (they must get established in the ground for them to grow quicker...which takes more than one summer) Sorry!

The reason my Kentia palms were growing quickly in pots is because their roots grew out of the pots and into the ground. However, the optimal growing conditions for Kentia palms are in the ground in semi-shade with lots of water and fertilizer...even though they are somewhat drought tolerant.

I have more than 25 years of experience growing Kenita palms.
: > )

30 Jan, 2010



Do you know i have just learned more about palms in your last paragraph than in the last 5 years from the guy in the garden centre!!. I have bought about 3 Kentia palms and after killing them thinking i had done something wrong,it was just wrong advice as to how to keep them
I will keep mine indoors in its pot and feed it well....
Thanks Palmate ..;o)))

31 Jan, 2010



You're very welcome! I probably have a little advantage over your garden center guy. I originally joined the IPS (International Palm Society) back in 1984...and have make some very good 'palm guru" friends over the years --
which have given me good advice. Some of my friends have been IPS members for almost 50 years. Growing palms has been my passion for many years...even before I joined the Palm Society.

I wish you the best of luck growing your Kentia palm! They are difinitely worth the price...which I know can be expensive in U.K.

I almost hate to tell you how much I payed for the palms posted above. : > ) A specialty nursery in Northern San Diego County had 12 - 18 inch/ 31 - 46cm tall plants for 99cents. That's why I have so many Kentia palms. : > )

31 Jan, 2010


WOW 99cents .. Tiny ones here start at £4.00 odd .....i keep saying i live in the wrong place :o((((

31 Jan, 2010



Small trees we can get some good deals here. Large ones with trunks can run around $100.00+ per trunk foot. Big Kentia trees with many feet of trunk are very expensive...thousands of dollars.

I'll post you beautiful pic of some very large Kentia trees in an old neighborhood -- they are around 50 feet / 15 meters tall.

1 Feb, 2010


Look forward to them:o)))

1 Feb, 2010



I took some Howea pics a few days ago in Balboa Park's Palm Canyon...I'll post them tonight sometime.

2 Feb, 2010



3 Feb, 2010

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