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Jen's Gardyn 2009

Jen's Gardyn 2009

This one Terra.

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Love it! :-))

30 Jan, 2010


Thanks David, have you noticed the stems on the voodoo lily, they look like Giraffe markings- weird plant :o)

2 Feb, 2010


This is what I am aiming for, not heard of a voodoo lily looks very interesting.

4 Feb, 2010


Ah, I could do with a Voodoo lily or 2 in our "pirates" garden. didn't notice the markings before. Mind you, we do have the dark-brown/purple Sedum "Voodoo", I just remembered! Many Thanks! :-))

5 Feb, 2010


Dotty and David, it's Sauromatum venosum if you want to find one, I'll warn you though...the 'flower' STINKS!
Having said that, the flower comes before the leaves so I pop it over to the far end of the garden while it's doing it's smelly thing, that's why I grow it in a pot!
When the stinky bit is over, it's allowed to join us again, and the wonderful and very unusual foliage comes, it lasts well until the end of the summer.
The grandchildren love to get their friends to smell it, little rotters! :o)))

6 Feb, 2010


Typical kids eh?

6 Feb, 2010


Tell me about it Dotty, they delight in giving their friends Nasturium seeds too, they seem to think it's funny when the hot peppery taste sends their mates running for a glass of water. Bless them lol

9 Feb, 2010


Good clean fun though?

14 Feb, 2010


Oh yes, they like a laugh! They also love getting involved with the gardening, they have painted the bridges, helped build the pergola and they grow Strawberries and herbs here, keeps them busy!
It's half-term for them next week so they'll be here with me, they're in the process of building another birdhouse for me,(well it's for the birds really, if you know what I mean) along with two of their mates who also like gardening/making things.Good kids eh?

14 Feb, 2010


Well done, such a lovely hobby, our children are just coming around to gardening, they are just the right age......

15 Feb, 2010


Who was it that said something about a seed once sown...never too young to start them off, they love it. It's also a great excuse to play with mud & worms and get very dirty (like Nanny does!), which is what kids do best in my experience. We need to get the kids involved, I certainly don't want mine to grow up thinking that chips grow on trees. :o)

15 Feb, 2010


Heaven forbid......

16 Feb, 2010

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