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Pooh & hose

Pooh & hose

running Pooh for free

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I know the hose is not a welcome sight, floating in the pond. This is an experiment to run the lawn sprinkler as an added feature in the pond. The hose will be replaced & buried out of sight. It seems to work a treat, which pleases My Good Lady.....AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS!!! ;-)

18 Jul, 2010


I am sure it will look great, when completed? Anyway, like you said,
as long as it pleases your good Lady..your pond will attract lots of Wildlife
which is a good thing to know...: ~ ))) Although i should imagine it already does that now?

10 Aug, 2010


Not as much wildlife as I would have liked. The only things I have managed to save are little red worms (Blood worm?) They managed to get into the header pool & live in the mud I saved from the original pond. We did have one pond skater but that too has gone, where, I don't know. But I reckon things should be back to normal next season. Things have not been going too well, as I have had "floating liner" & water loss as well, so there has been a few upheavals over the past few weeks.
The main visitors have been Blackbirds, Sparrows & Starlings, they love the "bird bath" I created. Amusing to watch... two sparrows, one Blackbird, or one & a half Starlings fit in the "bath"
Oh nearly forgot, the Wood-pigeons like the pool between the "bath" & the stepping stone. Three fit in there when they are not scrapping
I have to say a water garden holds much more interest for us, than a nice Green lawn, but, each to their own.

11 Aug, 2010


You seem to be attracting lots of birds seems like you love all Wildlife, 'good for you..seems we are both alike. Birds are wonderful to watch, all the antics they get up to are so funny, proper little Patience is a virtue Clive it will all come out okay in the end. Starting, your garden takes
time, but you will reap your rewards. I know, i am late
with my comments, so, their must have been some changes since your last posting...i would love to hear about them? Of course, a garden would not be complete
without a pond in Summer ~ alive with frogs, Dragonflys
& of course you can sit there, glass or cup in hand relaxing!! Just taking in all the wonder of it all...i do wish you all the best with your forthcoming garden Cliveanne x

4 Feb, 2011


Thanks Freesiaperson for your kind comments, late, or otherwise :-) Since my last posting in (September/October?), I have done nothing at all. I had to stop working in the garden due to the onset of Sciatica. I thought I could perhaps walk & exercise it out of me. To cut a long story short, I went to see the Dr, who told me that he was under the impression that I was going through the early stages of Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis. I was told I had to learn to live with it & cope as best as I could. No drugs were offered as it was too soon to tell exactly what my complaint was. My first thought was to 'phone a lady who lives not too far from me, about 15 minutes drive away. She is a practitioner in the "Bowen Technique" (worth a Google search) I made an appointment to see her three days later (Monday morning). I could just about move, never mind walk when I went to see her. I spent somewhere around two hours on the bed & afterwards I felt great. My Wife had an appointment following mine, so, whilst she went through her treatment, I WALKED into Burton to pay a bill & walked back again, a round trip of about 3 miles. By the time I got back, my Wife's treatment was done. On arriving back home, I had a bite to eat & went to bed for a rest & a read, the best thing I could have done. I had a follow-up treatment the following Monday morning & was given the all clear. I was told that I need to keep up the exercise program I had set for myself...a case of "Use it or lose it". I have not had the need to revisit her since. My exercise program is Tai Chi class Monday mornings, practice the moves every morning on getting up.Walk 4 miles every day,(Often incorporates the shopping as well with a rucksack on my back) regardless of the weather, I am a walk leader in S' Derbyshire, so walking is no problem & I swim every Wednesday morning.Oops, nearly forgot... I had a nasty fall on the ice & landed on my Right hip with the change in my pocket concentrating the force into the bone badly bruising it.
My bumble bee's nest is still in the shed I hope to be sorting thing out there later, the shed has to go, so the nest has to be relocated. My pond had developed some problems with a "floating liner" I have to replace the stream liner, the waterfall is now through a down-pipe until I can get back into the job. I think I am in for a very busy time ahead. Let's hope the weather will be on my side this time around.

5 Feb, 2011

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