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Natures not so little helper (palm sized spider).

Natures not so little helper (palm sized spider). (Avicularia avicularia)

This is my pet tarantula. She is about 6yrs and will grow bigger. She is a pink toed spider from the Brazilian rainforest. She is very docile and can be handled, though if she has had enough she will squirt poo! These spiders are very good jumpers and can get around trees with no problems. They would certainly be welcome in my garden to keep pests at bay if they could live outside.

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When I lived in Sydney, we had one move into the flat I was sharing. It got called Spike.

17 Oct, 2010


Thank you for liking the photo! They really are lovely animals (all spiders) and do a fab job keeping the earth from drowning in insects!
What type of spider was Spike and did you let him stay rent free?

17 Oct, 2010


Had brown markings on the legs.
It was suggested by someone who new more about the Aussie wildlife than us three Europeans that it wasn't a native Tarantula and had probably escaped. It was happy to be around us, so that makes sense. To be honest, we weren't overly interested, except for the novelty when we bought girls back!!!
Happy days!

17 Oct, 2010


This is a much bigger Spider, than my garden Spiders
i posted a little while ago...great pic Gd, but, i do not
think i could keep 1 as a pet, i do not think i would ever be
able to sleep at night if it escaped lol..

In the paper today, there was a column re: Spiders, it
was informing us, that spiders are getting bigger, &
amorous, coming out, of there secret places in our homes
looking for females, to have a bit of fun with...makes the mind boggle...

17 Oct, 2010


She's lovely, quite like spiders,could see she'd be a good weapon, to clear the bathroom of teenage daughters,lol.

20 Oct, 2010


'How long do Tarantula's normally live for Gd?..Also, how much bigger will she get?..... You, forgot to give us your Lady Spider's name...

21 Oct, 2010


My spider is called 'incey wincey' (my twins named her!) and hopefully she will live 15 or so years. Its the males that have the short lives: one bonk and they generally peg it!! She could get another 2cm on the body length which would mean that she would fit onto my hand - just.
Now,one of the tarantulas I have at work, the salmon pink birdeater, can get a leg-span (from the tip of back legs tothe tip of frontlegs with the body in between) of 10 or 11 inches. She isn't handleable.

21 Oct, 2010


I should imagine the Salmon pink Bird eater, is a large
species, to be able to eat a whole bird..making me go cold all over, just thinking about it you have to keep
'Incy Wincey' extra warm, or is she okay at room
temperature? I must ask you you have to feed
her live bait? I should imagine you have to..when looking
at the garden Spiders, catching small insects, to feed on.. well, 'Incey Wincey' is a great size in comparison, so what
does she feed on? 'What does she feel like when handling
her? All these questions, sorry! Gd it is just so interesting
knowing about other Members Pets especially 1 like yours

22 Oct, 2010


My spider is kept in the living room, so room temp is fine, though during the summer I do put the tank outside on really warm days, especially if there is a bit of a breeze.
I mainly feed her on large locusts (the flying ones) but I do occasionally catch large moths or the odd butterfly for her. She feels soft and light (not heavy). The tips of each of her legs have little hooks for climbing; sometimes you can just feel them. The bird eating tarantula at work eats large locustas as well: usually 2 or 3 at a sitting. She sometimes takes a small mouse (already dead) but not often. I also keep and breed a large variety of stick insects!

23 Oct, 2010


Thanks for Info..Gd Well appreciated & Interesting!!!

25 Oct, 2010


Spiders are very fascinating - very nice Geraniumdad

23 Nov, 2010


Not sure whether I could keep one myself but fascinating!

9 Jan, 2011

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This photo is of species Avicularia avicularia.

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