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Dumped in our parking lot!


By Lauram

Dumped in our parking lot!

Some mean person threw out these kittens in our parking lot! We adopted a cat out today and the adopter poked h is head back in to the shelter after he left and said there were cats in the parking lot. I ran outside and saw two kittens eating dirt or scraps of something or other. Both ran up towards the landfill, and then one climbed up into the engine of somebody's truck. The other took off. The lady who owned the truck popped the hood, and after about ten minutes I was able to remove the first kitten. A bit later, a shelter visitor said she saw the other kitten up in a tree. I tried to get him, but he climbed higher. So I set two cat traps. After about 15 minutes we trapped the second kitten. There may be more, so we left a trap outside.

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I sure hope they can be rehomed quickly. They are very cute kittens and it's so sad that people could dump them.

20 Dec, 2010


Well done ! I'm pleased you rescued them.

20 Dec, 2010


oh they are beautiful, i would have them if i could. i will never understand people who dump such lovely animals. very glad to hear you will help them

20 Dec, 2010


The sad thing is, those kittens are gorgeous (it's an awful photo, but when I first saw them outside I couldn't believe how pretty they were) and therefore extremely adoptable. The owners just didn't have the decency to bring them inside and surrender them properly, or maybe they came before we opened at 2 and just didn't want to wait. This is not the first time - one day last December an SUV pulled into the parking lot, threw 4 kittens out, and took off. We couldn't get a tag number. It took about a half hour to round them up. We were lucky to catch these two, because there are about 1,000 acres of vacant land behind us & we would never have found them if they hadn't been spotted so soon.

20 Dec, 2010


Oh could they!!!....I would love them, they're beauties.....

21 Dec, 2010


bless them...hope they have a loving home soon

4 Jan, 2011


The smaller one was adopted and the larger one went to a cat rescue.

7 Jan, 2011


What pretty little kittens, how on earth could anyone just dump animals like this. If they are caught, they should be banned from keeping animals for good. You do a very good job caring for them Lauram. :>))

8 Jan, 2011


If they had been caught their situation would not have been good. They would have gone to court and been charged with abandonment and gotten some steep fines. We've had that happen before - somebody dumps a dog with a rabies tag & doesn't realize the tag can be traced, or they forget their cat has a microchip & they leave him in a crate by the shelter door. We so often come in to work and find dogs tied to the gate or boxes of puppies in the parking lot. But we're getting security cameras for the outside in a couple of weeks, so that should help.

8 Jan, 2011


Good for you Lauram, something certainly needs to stop this continuing, it is just so cruel and thoughtless. I get so angry when I hear of things like this, why on earth do they have animals in the first place, if they dont really want them. I just couldn't bear to dump mine, they're part of the family arn't they? Nice to know theres people like us around ah?

12 Jan, 2011


This morning a dog was left at our door in a box, she'd clearly been hit by a car. They'd taken their address off the box but they forgot that the delivery confirmation number can be traced through the post office, so we're trying to get a name & address. Obviously they dumped their own dog, if they'd just found the dog on the road they'd have left a note, "found on Highway 5" or something. I hate people. I hate them.
There was somebody in south Georgia a few years back, she worked at a vet office, but she had killed a litter of puppies and threw them in a dumpster. She was caught - too stupid to realize that her name & address was on the box since something had been shipped to her in it. She went to jail.

14 Jan, 2011

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