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Highway 41, the Pines at Griffith


By Lori

Highway 41, the Pines at Griffith

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I love this shot Lori, steady driving, quiet road, tree sentinals leading the eye to a vanishing point.

31 Jan, 2011


You would love this highway, Bampy. It's a road for drivers with lots of hills and endless curves. It is sanded and salted to a fair-thee-well in the winter. This pic is the floor of the Madawaska River valley, the hills are at the vanishing point out front...but behind you've just come off a very long and winding hill descent. There are several reforested areas here, the highway runs right through the middle of one.

1 Feb, 2011


sounds perfect for people & wildlife. I have a passion for tree's & forests etc, grew up in Devon surrounded by beautiful country & coast. Then when I went for walks in Baltimore, Maryland ( I have a daughter there) I was completly in awe of the difference your woods & forests are like. Loch Raven is the first place I visited & remember just stopping every 15 paces to just stare upwards & outwards, stunning. And then a chipmunk popped round the trunk of a tree to have a peek, well I was in heavan. The only time English people saw a chipmunk was in cartoons. I look forward to your photo's & clear well informed descriptions through-out the seasons Lori.

2 Feb, 2011


Thanks Bampy! it will be my pleasure.

2 Feb, 2011


what a great drive that must be, cant wait to see it come summer Lori :o)

3 Feb, 2011


I must post some pics of the Madawaska River bridge.
The rapids are just beyond the bridge and the current is really dangerous...there are signs posted...(no swimming from the fishing from the bridge, etc.) and there's the danger of traffic on a relatively narrow bridge. Can see it now...angler tries casting from the bridge and snags a trucker!

4 Feb, 2011


lol Lori, be carefull taking them pics. i bet the scenery is breath taking though, all that open space must be a wonderfull site to see. you seem so happy with your new surroundings to :o)

4 Feb, 2011


Sometimes I just pinch myself... "yep..still here!" not a

4 Feb, 2011


lol i bet you do to Lori :o)

7 Feb, 2011


Looks wonderful scenery hope you are settling down well.

15 Feb, 2011


Hello Lindak! Thanks...yes we are feeling quite at home. the move was a bit of a nightmare, and it took us a long time to get unpacked and settled in..(in fact I'm still working on cleaning floors and windows) but the joy of country living is really starting to take hold of us!

15 Feb, 2011


Sounds lovely to be in the country. A slower pace to start with and I know from living in Belper the people take time for one another to talk and help each other out. The work always seems never ending when you move doesn't it, but it's really good when you are done and dusted and can settle into normal routine again and have the time to start to explore the surroundings where you are. Hope the animals are all well.

16 Feb, 2011


Thanks Linda... the animals are all settled in now..even Mandy. I think she thought that we were just visiting here and someday soon we were going to go back to the other house. We moved there when she was a pup and she's never known another home. The rabbit doesn't notice much difference I think. except that he's started doing a little territorial marking! That has to stop. The budgies are still chatty and keep up a constant comment...they were disoriented for a few days..but are back to their old selves now. Lots of wild birds to feed and the other day we saw a young red squirrel at the birdfeeder. Lots of wildlife around too...subject for a future blog, I guess.

22 Feb, 2011


Is it worth putting a disposible nappy where the rabbit does his toilet then you can just throw it away.

22 Feb, 2011


Thanks Linda..that's excellent advice. We have bought "Training pads" at the pet store...they are for puppies, but I thought they would protect the chairs from Clover, at least until I can sit down and have a good heart to heart with him. He widdled on my settee cushions!

22 Feb, 2011


Hope it works for you Lori. Saves all the mess.

24 Feb, 2011

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