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Bamboo and batten


By Beattie

Bamboo and batten

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This certainly hasn't held up, Beattie. How long have you had it in the garden?

I think the gardener was happier to recommend bamboo screening which would be stronger than the brushwood screening...did you look at bamboo as well? They do come in varying thickness/prices so I'd certainly investigate it thoroughly before putting any on our link metal fence.

Thanks for going to the trouble of putting up these photos. I did see at least one photo in GoyPedia that looked was framed up on all four sides of the screen but I'd have to look again to see what type of screening it was.

I am leaning towards planting thickly enough and with fast spreading planting to cover the chain fence. I'll think seriously about it before going ahead. Thanks again, Beattie.

19 Mar, 2011


LOL this is the replacement Whistonlass! You should see the stuff behind this :-)

Basically, the wires that were supposed to hold it all together rusted really quickly and it just fell apart. Have a look at the other pics.

19 Mar, 2011


Yes, Beattie...I've had a look....all the brushwood looks a pretty sorry sight!

Have you removed it now and/or substituted with another type of screening?

19 Mar, 2011


I've nailed more batten near the top of the less disintegrated bits to try and stop it flopping about and "frame" it. I've put in the woven bamboo behind it to filter the wind. It's only for the walls of the caldera in my fantasy volcano, so it doesn't really matter if it doesn't do all that well. It's just an internal demarcation of one part of the garden. I think the batten will change colour and become more grey as it ages. I hope so, anyway.
I took those pictures yesterday, so it's still there - unless we've had a really, REALLY windy night.

Overall, I'd say don't touch these screening rolls with a bargepole. Even if you used the bamboo sort the wire would still rust really quickly and you'd be left with a pile of sticks.

20 Mar, 2011


Beattie....I've referred back to the screening pages on GoyPedia and this is the screening photo I was trying to describe to you that I thought looked fairly substantial and in good nick...

Here's the link...japanes_jun09.jpg (I hope the link works)....I don't think this member is about these days so I can't ask them a question about it.

20 Mar, 2011


Hi Whistonlass...

I can't follow that link... please confirm member's name.

20 Mar, 2011


Hi TT....The member's name is STEVEY and the photo is on the screening 5...3rd row from the top. Hope that helps you to locate it ok.

I'm not sure what type of screening it is but to me it looked very stable with the surround frame.

20 Mar, 2011

thanks, Whistonlass.... the above can be copied-and-pasted to find the photo by Stevey ... :o)

20 Mar, 2011

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