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pond 2011


By Great

pond 2011

Covered so the puppy doesn't fall in!

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Wow all your planting is soon filling the area....

4 Apr, 2011


oh yes and the grasses are doing great except the little tiny one you sent me. I feel so bad as you grew it from seed =(
Plants around the pond are coming into flower

9 Apr, 2011


hi, lovely little pond.we have a small pond about 5ft by 5ft, and you will be amazed how much wild life you will get, we have frogs, newts, dragon flies,and I am sure yours will soon be full of life, if you can get a bottle of pond water from a friends pond this will help it along. but do check for pond weed on anything you put in as it is very hard to get rid of once it gets established.when you get frogs there will need a ramp of some kind so they can climb out . look forward to hearing from you when you see your first frog.

12 Jun, 2011


Thanks Taz, still waiting for the frogs to find my pond. Have snails , water boatmen, water louse and other creatures. So I know my pond is working so to speak.

18 Jun, 2011


Hello Great,
I have just answered your question re arums and thought I'd have a look at your profile. I'm impressed with your little pond and I expect you've already attracted some wildlife. I also have a small wildlife pond which literally heaves with frogs in Spring. I don't have blanket weed any more, since I cleaned out the pond last year and started again with fresh weed, but I do have a horrid thick layer of duckweed algae which seems to renew itself overnight. It has trapped some of my little waterlily flowers under the surface so they have rotted. If you know how to keep the pond clear of duckweed I'd certainly like to hear about it!
Happy gardening!

17 Jul, 2011

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