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Heron looking for mischief


By Lily2

Heron looking for mischief

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Keep well away from my pond. lol..I have taken the net off..

15 Apr, 2011


Put it back quick Michaella.........

15 Apr, 2011


Wow Lily, that a big one ! LOL

15 Apr, 2011


Sure is Val and rather evil looking too! I think he's saying "eeny meeny miny mo, to which of these ponds shall I go" ! lol

16 Apr, 2011


Good Photo Lily! One flew over our house just yesterday, there's a stream about 1/2 mile away that's where it stays most of the time!

17 Apr, 2011


It was a bit far away really Helenium, on the house across the road, but it stood there for quite a long time posing for me! They're enormous when they fly overhead aren't they. There are quite a few on a nearby lake.

17 Apr, 2011


They sure are big birds Lily! I could hear the wings beating it was so close! You just don't imagine them standing on a roof top though, it really looks out of place up there! Maybe that's because I'm only used to seeing pigeons on the roof!

18 Apr, 2011


I see them flying by every so often, but never land, as no pond. They are so large for an British bird. The largest we get is a Magpie. One landed in the Magnolia. The blackbirds nesting in a shrub nearbye attacked it, and there was mayhem for a few minutes, until it flew off. I have noticed crows sometimes annoy herons too.

18 Apr, 2011


Yes Helenium, it does look so out of place up there, pigeons for me too.
We've had trouble with Magpies too Dorjac, the blackbirds go ballistic if one comes anywhere near. A big commotion the other evening causing one of the fledgling blackbirds to panic and fly straight into our window. Poor thing was stunned and I held it until it came round and struggled then put it under a bush where it cheeped and Dad B quickly arrived. No idea if it survived but there were 2 fledglings and now I only see one......:o((

18 Apr, 2011


It is lovely to have a nest in the garden but, as your incident shows. It is also a worry. When they fledge is the worst. In 2009 one fledgling got knocked off the fence by a sparrow hawk but survived......but what a hoo ha!!!! I think three out of the four survived. Baby blackbirds spread out. The parents have a have job rearing them after fledging. Tits go in groups and twitter all the time, but baby blackbirds are still and silent.

22 Apr, 2011


Yes I've noticed that the blackbirds seem to 'park' their fledglings around the garden, sometimes leaving them for ages. So maybe the 'one' I see now is not always the same one. I do hope so!. Your fledgling was lucky to survive attack by the sparrowhawk. I was watching some baby blue tits in the garden once when down swooped a Jay and then there was one tit less :o( As you say, it's quite a worry having birds nesting in the garden but such a joy to watch them too when it all goes right :o))

22 Apr, 2011


Last Saturday, late afternoon, we had a nasty thunderstorm with several horrendous bangs and some very heavy rain for about 30 minutes. The Ribes where the nest was placed has not leafed up well due to a long drought here in Essex. On Sunday Mrs Blackbird and 4 cold eggs! Mr Blackbird singing in the tree and waiting as if he wants her to answer. No answer. Some days earlier she always answered. So sad, but they usually make 3 nests, so she may be elsewhere

26 Apr, 2011


Oh what a shame Dorjac, but I suppose that's just nature. I do hope she is just busy elsewhere, I knew they often have 3 broods but not that there was more than one at a time. As usual the men are no help at all, after all HE could have sat on the eggs couldn't he instead of sitting around singing! lol

27 Apr, 2011


great picture..

4 May, 2011


Thanks Skip :o)

5 May, 2011

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