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Bluebells (and other coloured bells)


By David

Bluebells (and other coloured bells)

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I have a friend who talks whistfully every spring about the bluebells...she's from Grimsby/Cleesthorpes(came here after WWII as a war bride)...maybe I should see if I can find them and make her a present of the corms so she can grow them here...terrific idea...thanks David.(are they bulbs or corms or rhizomes?) lol.

5 Jun, 2008


They are definitely bulbs, Lori, like very small spring, or pickling, onions.You should be able to buy them for planting later in the year, or buy (still?) now, in the green (meaning with green foliage) for planting now so that the bulbs can increase their strength, for next Spring (don't we gardeners wish our lives away?)

6 Jun, 2008


Just like Scarlett O'Hara, David... tomorrow is another day. It is the looking ahead in hope that all gardeners do...gardener's optimism.

7 Jun, 2008


Scarlett O'Hara, Lori? Interesting mention! "Gone with the Wind" was being filmed same time as "Wizard of Oz", and both movies made gr8 innovations in scene transition from b/w to tecnicolor. GwtW had a much bigger budget, and poached a whole series of producers/directors from the set of WoZ. This led to the final screen version of WoZ having many discrepancies,or "gaffes", due to lack of continuity. "Gone With the Wind" won all the major awards in 1940 but, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" - I loved rediscovering Lewisias (my favourite alpine) - whatever their colour - and, as you say, "Tomorrow is another day" - lol!

8 Jun, 2008


David...are you a Cinemaven? Do you remember the other movies of quality that came out that same year? it's quite a list... I don't know bout you but I think that GWTW was the best adaptation from a book...that I've ever seen on the screen... I am a book person, I prefer the theatre of MY mind... at present I'm re-reading GWTW...Pity Margaret Mitchell didn't live to write the sequel...

9 Jun, 2008


No, Lori, am not. Takes me all my time to sit still through a whole movie, in fact. It wasn't until we had kids that we took time to sit down and watch movies (over and over now, lol. Aren't children bloodthirsty little creatures? They always want the scariest, most awful parts replayed or fast-forwarded to). But, I learned a whole lot of useless info while researching the WoZ. As I'm interested in history of any kind, though, I found it all fascinating - even down to the many political interpretations of the book, when it came out in 1900, and how it (and the movie) was banned in some countries for a while at various periods thereafter. Yes, sticking to the original written books is always best, I think. But - if the makers of WoZ the movie had done so, those famous ruby slippers would never have existed, and an iconic part of movie (and pop music video) history would not have, either. Nor would it, had they given the part of Dorothy to Shirley Temple, the original choice (not that it did poor Judy a whole lot of good in the long run). See where gardening with kids gets you?

9 Jun, 2008


Such Gorgeous Colours David :)

9 Jun, 2008


Not another historian! My husband teaches history, politics and law..btw...Stagecoach and Destry Rides Again, and Goodbye Mr.Chips all came out in '39...The Oscar committees had their work cut out for them... but GWTW had Gable, McDaniels, Butterfly McQueen, Howard, and Vivien Leigh!! "Scarlett O'Hara wasn't pretty" ???

10 Jun, 2008


Can't help it, Lori, lol! I NEED to find out as much as poss. about all my projects. And, once I get onto Google, that's me hooked for days, weeks.........?. The bluebells are nice, Jacque, yes, but they spread surprisingly quickly.

13 Jun, 2008

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