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A pot of Viola

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very nice!!!

3 Jun, 2011


Thank u Paul

3 Jun, 2011



3 Jun, 2011


Very Pretty, and fresh looking..

6 Jun, 2011


Thank you Crissue.
I like the way they stood upright, maybe because I put so many seeds in the pot.

6 Jun, 2011


wow mine arent even like that in the ground with more space lol well done they are lovely:)))

16 Jun, 2011


Thank u Mark, another unusual happening for me. I love purple, and love the way they have stood up as they usually flop. U could try growing some in a pot with a spindly tree brach to support them.

16 Jun, 2011


Lovely plants, Violas. Undemanding & cheerful.

23 Jun, 2011


Well, I went home to Ireland for 27 days and paid my friend to water my plants I came back on Thursday to find half of them dead. Violas are all gone from lack of water.
Should I tell her off, or let it go?

23 Jul, 2011


You'll have to plant like that again :))) such good results, I'll put that tip in my little book....

I would ask for my money back :(((

23 Jul, 2011


Thanks for your feedback Crissue.

I half paid her & said I'd give her the rest when I get back. I think it's a good way to go because if the plants are dead then why pay?
Even my tiger lilies that I was hoping to see are tiny compared to the last few years because of lack of water.
So disappointing. Sad too after all my effort.

23 Jul, 2011


That's really sad...It would have been better that your friend said no rather than let you down...:(((

24 Jul, 2011


I agree Crissue.
If I offered or said yes to such a thing I'd want to be proud of what I've done. It's interesting how she brags on herself how detailed she is and comes across as a know it all. Has a habit of talking down to other as if she knows it all. Makes me laugh really the more I get to know her. Not sure what I'll do the next time I go away. :-(

I just put a lot of seeds in a pot and they came up like that I so enjoyed them.
I have loads of seeds so I must get them in as this is the time of years to grow the plants for the cooler weather.

2 Oct, 2011


Morning Angie...You can buy little drip feeders that have little nozzles that fit into your Pots...we put ours together attach it to the water supply, have it on a timer and it will water your pots while you're away...that way you won't have to rely on her again...It only takes a few mins to water a pot...and worth the investment...
You don't need people like that, might be a bit of the green eye there lol...
Anyway look forward to seing more of your plants...:)))

3 Oct, 2011


Ah Crissue but one needs a water supply that is on the same level. So it wont work for my pots. I have hooked up drip systems for clients though, but it was a good suggestion thanks. It's very much a make do situation around here.
He he I just remembered a funny thing my friend had suggested to me, at the time of asking her about the watering of my plants. She said, put ice cubs in/on your plants. I laughed to myself thinking, Oh yeah right! Sure one load of ice cubs will keep my plants watered for a month. Really!
I know it's suppose to be a good way of watering an Orchid but really all my pots!
I would so love to have my own property, money, time and good health ( be careful what u ask for) to design a garden using all the ideas I've picked up over years. Perhaps one day eh?
I just tidied up my balcony plants a bit yesterday and planted some winter seeds. Well, planted would be an over statement, tossed in seeds in spent pots and hope for the best. I've been very sick all week and it was the first bit of energy I've had all week. Feeling like I'm on the mend today. Thankfully.

3 Oct, 2011


Good to here you're on the mend...I know only tooo well how debilitating fatigue is...apart from being bally annoying....
What about Swell Gel....loads of; mixed in the with the compost before you plant...When I took a couple of my baskets apart, the swel gel in the compost was still very active...
Well I suppose we have to make the most of what we've got...if we haven't got our health all the other stuff is irrelevant...just get as well as you can...the planting will come...:)))

4 Oct, 2011


Thank you Crissue.

I finally got over what ever I had, strep throat or sinus/chest stuff. I so very rarely get that kind of sick so it kinda hits me bad, but I was quite amazed how fast my body healed it's self. I hate being sick, as do all of us I suppose. Yes without good health, life isn't worth the effort.
As for fatigue, gee I know all about that! Allergies can cause fatigue, caffeine was my curse. I had Chronic Fatigue for about 15 years, but in 97 I broke out in hundreds of blisters 5 times lasting 3 weeks at a time over 5 mts. It took me that long to figured out it was from tea. Of course I stopped drinking tea & my energy was amazing, so I don't have the constant fatigue, just low on energy sometimes, there is a difference.

I've never tried that Swell gel, haven't even seen it in the stores, I might look into it, thanks.

Well, the seeds I tossed in are coming up. Sweep Pea are about 2 inches tall. I have Viola coming up the same ones my fried let die on me. I have many stock sprouting from last years seeds, so I'm pleased about that. My white flowering Christmas Cactus that my Landlord gave me 2 years ago has flower buds on it. Plus my Freesias are on the grow too. So the cooler season plants are already on their way even though we had a few days of high 80ies to over 100F in parts last week. It was a cooler weekend but it's to be in the 90ies down town LA tomorrow. So the plants and bulbs must have some other system on when it's time to grow.
Anyway hope all is good with you and your winter wont be too harsh.

17 Oct, 2011

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