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a very lethargic salamander


By Lori

 a very lethargic salamander

found him near the compost pile

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I would be in my element seeing such fascinating animals as these. You bring a different flavour to the table with these Lori !! :-))

31 May, 2011


Come to think of it, Bampy...Stevie's frogs are the only other amphibians I remember seeing! Someone is sure to correct me, if I'm wrong!

31 May, 2011


are you thinking of cooking this bampy?

4 Jun, 2011


lol sticki!! Lori, the only amphibians we have here are frogs, toads and newts. Am I right everyone?

4 Jun, 2011


think so karen

4 Jun, 2011


A handsome fellow

4 Jun, 2011


Well he might be Adoons, but I for one wouldnt marry him!

4 Jun, 2011


nor me tet!! i dont think he is going to turn into a prince even if you kiss him!!!

4 Jun, 2011


Very unlikely on BOTH counts Sticki LOL!!

4 Jun, 2011


well im not going to try to find out either!! perhaps a lady salamander would like him better??

4 Jun, 2011


I thought he/she was very handsome! Found another of the same type beside the house today...started moving the pavers at the back door in preparation for the earthmover. The area will be levelled so I relocated the sal to a better spot...been seeing leopard frogs and toads. Especially tiny toads! Newts are similar to our salamanders except they have their gills on the outside of their bodies, right?

4 Jun, 2011


sorry ~ dont know; i do like him lori but i wasnt up for marrying or kissing him!! i like the blue patches on his skin

4 Jun, 2011


I agree, Sticki...I think it's a very handsome animal...especially the blue markings. No need to kiss him...he was only too happy to get back under a nice wet board after I picked him up...runs in my mind that that might have been a no-no. But I was quick about it and he didn't remain in the daylight for very long.

4 Jun, 2011


I think he is very happy that he was moved, yes you never know if the blue is a warning. Good on you.

5 Jun, 2011


hmmm... I wasn't thinking about a danger to me, Adoons. I was thinking that I shouldn't touch their moist skin with my dry, hot hands. It might hurt the sal...I don't think we have any venomous amphibs here. I found another one today! that makes hope I haven't split up a family with my preparations.

6 Jun, 2011


what a lovely beast Lori, never seen one like this before, how big is it?
we get fire salamanders here, but not that frequently and i still have to be at the right place at the right time with my camera.
i am in awe of your camera, mine is just a little cheappie from Lidl, i set it on 'intelligent' and just point, but maybe i will graduate some time as i am getting more and more interested in taking pictures.
talking about leopard frogs and toads ,again i dont know these either, i took a picture of a leopard slug the other day.
will post it soon.

14 Jul, 2011


Working around the ugly old shed this spring I unearthed 4 of these little fellows...(hmmm...or maybe I unearthed the same sal. 4 times! lol) however, I relocate them to the woodpile everytime. They like damp and dark and when I move them I try not to touch their is delicate, if I remember my science class lesson. hmm.. I'm sure the leopard slug must be spotted, right? The leopard frog is a very handsome fellow...creamy white bottom (so not easily seen from below while swimming)...with a gorgeous green body with leopard-like spots on his back.
I think I bought a camera which was more "intelligent" than I need. (can't stand things more intelligent than I am) lol... It frustrates me greatly, goes through doubleA batteries like there's no tomorrow...and has to be reprogrammed every time the batteries are changed...Grrr...makes me grumpy whenever I think of it!
This salamander is about 3 inches long...they aren't large animals. The largest one I saw was maybe 3 or 4 inches long snout to tail tip. They are lethargic when cool but can really move when they are warmed up!

15 Jul, 2011


i just posted a piccie of a leopard slug Lori
yes i am greatly pleased with my lidl camera, it goes for weeks without me charging the batteries and now is standard equipment when i am out together with my binns
i could never get on with B's much more complicated and bigger Canon, but it's main sin was that it didn't fit in my pockets ;-))

16 Jul, 2011


Thanks Resi...will take a look.

17 Jul, 2011


Gosh ! If I came across something like that in my garden I would run indoors screamimg ......

30 May, 2012


LOL...Amy! I promise this little creature is quite harmless! Have some old lumber piles to move this summer so I'm sure I'll run into these guys again! they eat slugs and insects... good to have in the garden.

3 Jun, 2012

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