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Persea americana - Avocado Tree

Persea americana - Avocado Tree (Persea americana - Avocado Tree)

Large avocado trees can have a few crops on the tree at the same time (like citrus). Photo taken in Mission San Jose, Fremont (San Francisco Bay Area) on June 3, 2011.

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Can you pick them freely?

13 Jun, 2011


Not really. This is private property, although in the past I have picked them.

14 Jun, 2011


Quite a few years ago, we were on holiday in Hawaii, and they were growing freely along the roadside, but I'm not sure whether you were allowed to pick them. Some were growing in peoples gardens, along with Orange and Grapefruit trees. I was absolutely stunned looking at them all. lol. :O))

14 Jun, 2011



Here in San Diego we grow all varieties of citrus, avocados, guavas, macadamia nuts, lychee and mangoes. However, the mango trees in Hawaii are much more numerous and grow much larger. I'm from Honolulu, HI and love home-grown mangoes.

California is one of the leading orange growing regions of the U.S. (besides Florida). We grow more grapefruits, and lemons than Florida, if I'm not mistaken.

15 Jun, 2011


Wow, I love all the exotic fruits. I'm not one for oranges and apples, but give me a bowl of exotics, and you'll be my friend for life. Lol.
My favourite dessert is, fresh pineapple, mango, blueberries, and if I can get them, guava and lychees. mmm....
I loved Hawaii. Wanted to go there when I was a little girl. My Aunt who was my God Mother, always promised me that if my Uncle won a lot of money that she would take me there, and we would be able to wear grass skirts, and learn to do the Hula. That was always my lifes dream. When I did eventually holiday there, it was with my OH and my In-Laws. We stayed near the Royal Hawaiian shopping centre. I was mesmerised with the place, and the fact that I was actually visiting my Enchanting Islands, and being that I'm terrified of flying, I actually got on another plane with OH, to visit Kuai, as I wanted to see where my favourite film was made. (South Pacific). And of course to see where Elvis had filmed, (am I sad or what?) Lol. :o))

15 Jun, 2011



You've maybe never have tried blood oranges? They so, so good. They won't come into season until later in summer.

I love pineapple, longan and lychee...I can eat many lbs of these fruit. Jackfruit is really good, also...however, it's very expensive.

Hawai'i is a beautiful place. However, Honolulu has gotten so crowded I really don't like it so much anymore. I do love Kua'i, and the the big island of Hawai'i. They're not so crowded.

On my last trip to O' ahu, Hawai'i for my family reunion in August of 2009, I unfortunately never made it to any other islands.

16 Jun, 2011


I have tried blood oranges, we have them here certain times of the year. They were my Mum's favourite orange. What are 'longan and Jackfruit?' I've not heard of these.
Sorry, when I said I had visited Hawai'i. I actually stayed in O'ahu. Our hotel was just a little way up from the beach, like in between the beach and the Royal Hawaiin Shopping center. So this area would be called Waikiki, or Honolulu?
We spent 3 weeks there. I bought a bracelet out there, which I've worn 24/7 and still wearing it today. I never take it off, not even to bathe. It's made of 'olivine', but when I bought it, the lady told me it was 'Hawaiian Diamond' :) and it came from the volcano, and so I carry my memories and my little piece of O'ahu with me daily. I simply loved it there, and wou ld go back there tomorrow, but sadly, it's so far to travel. ;o))

16 Jun, 2011



Longan is related to lychee and is very sweet...many trees are grown here in San Diego. I can eat many lbs in summer. Jackfruit is actually the largest tree-grown fruit in the world. It grow only in southern California's warmest micro-climates. I've seen several around my neighborhood...however, they don't fruit very regularly here, because it's such a tropical fruit. (I'll be posting some pics of many at a local nursery soon). The only place these trees grow and fruit in the U.S. is around Miami and Key West, Florida; San Diego and in Hawai'i.

Waikiki, is located in Honolulu. :>)

Here's some pics of Jackfruit:

17 Jun, 2011


Thanks. Have had a look at the jackfruit pics, don't know if I'd like them though, after reading some of the comments, but I would give them a go. Is there a fruit you could relate them to?
I'd probably love Longan fruit as I love Lychees. When my daughter sees me eating them, her comment is usually,' oh no Mum' you're at the eyeballs again'. lol.
Sorry about not knowing Waikiki was actually in Honolulu when I've been there. lol. :o))

17 Jun, 2011



Jackfruit is very good. It has an interesting sweet taste. It's however, so very difficult to cut the fruit, especially without getting the horrible white sap everywhere (it's like thick white glue which stains everything). You actually have to oil the knife before cutting the jackfruit or the sap will never come off of it.

Longan's common name is dragon's eye. I still love it!!!

18 Jun, 2011


Mmmmmm. Now then, we have a fruit here (imported) that is called Dragon Fruit. I wonder if this could be the same fruit as Longan.
Probably not, thinking about it. Dragon Fruit is about the same size as an Avocado, but bright pink, and with a scaly skin (like small flaps overlapping), and inside the fruit is white, with hundreds of little black seeds, similar to Poppy seeds. :o))

18 Jun, 2011



I know Dragon fruit. It's very widely grown grows up into trees or along walls (like in the case of my plant) or on wooden trellises.

Here's some of my Dragon fruit pics:

18 Jun, 2011


Thanks Andy. Have just had a look at pics. Amazing! I did quite well describing it to you then? lol.
I just love seeing your pics, as the plants and trees are all so amazing....... :o))

18 Jun, 2011



Yes, you described it perfectly! Thanks!

I'm glad you enjoy the pics! :>)

20 Jun, 2011



21 Jun, 2011

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