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Why post just one when two is better?

Why post just one when two is better?

Iris Midnight Revelry

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Post as many as you like, Im not complaining..far from it!! lol. Keep em coming

19 Jun, 2011


Have a pic of a beardie that was here's in a bed under a black walnut tree, if you can imagine! I think it's a candidate for a move!

21 Jun, 2011


Must be lovely to see all your plants coming back to life Lori!

26 Jul, 2011


The irises were a little subdued..but considering what they'd been through it's a miracle that they're here and blooming! Bless my cousin, she saved my garden. She lives to the south and her winters aren't as severe as they are here... they survived winter storage with her,so wondering how they'll fare here. I'll try mulching and winter protection..but there are lots of little rodents around... Thought I might just dig them and put them in the basement where it's cool, dark and dry.

26 Jul, 2011


Yes, it will be a challenge...but I know you are up to it Lori!

27 Jul, 2011


Some days it looks like a mountain...others; it's a mole hill!

28 Jul, 2011


Over here they have the reputation of being deer and rabbit proof, but they dont mention squirrels, rats or mice!

28 Jul, 2011


Oh dear...squirrels? My lovely Tufty? I keep the squirrel population well supplied with sunflower seeds and cracked corn mix. They are all sleek and lovely looking. Have a large gray which visits occasionally...but he's looking for seeds not my irises thank goodness! They've "squirreled away" enough seed/food to last them two winters! Now, how would I deal with mice...haven't seen any rats yet. Saw a lovely large garter snake yesterday. They usually keep the mice population in check.

28 Jul, 2011


We have foxes that keep rats under control and owls for mice and voles, but only a couple of snakes thank goodness. My OH doesnt even like worms much!

29 Jul, 2011


We have the huge dew worms who come out at sunset to enjoy a slither thro the wet grass! They are excellent soil producers as they go very deep during the day and come to the surface at night leaving mounds of worm-castings on the soil! If you want to compost passively they are your best friend.

30 Jul, 2011


There would be nothing passive about OH's reactions if we had those around! Grass snakes are bad enough..they are worms too I believe.

30 Jul, 2011
They may well be ...but these creatures are nobody's enemy! Can't understand why they would be viewed as detrimental. "green" gardeners use them to produce the best compost there is...worm castings!

31 Jul, 2011


They are only detrimental to OH's well being Lori..he hates snakes or anything minutely resembling them!

31 Jul, 2011


Good Grief! He sounds like my OH. Have to admit that I'm not a big fan of the way snakes move...but they have their niche! spiders, they bother me! I've managed to control that by getting familiar with the large yellow and black garden spiders...they are amazing creatures...but the black fuzzy dock spiders...I'm still zzzhhhhrrr! creepy crawly.

1 Aug, 2011

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