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Ficus cyathistipula and Monsoonal Clouds

Ficus cyathistipula and Monsoonal Clouds (Ficus cyathistipula and Monsoonal Clouds)

From above the Ficus cyathtispula the monsoonal clouds are flowing in from the southeast, from Mexico. Unfortunately, no rain just warmth and humidity. Photo taken July 3, 2011.

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This is what our skies generally look like. lol. ;o)

5 Jul, 2011



These monsoonal clouds are coming from Mexico...and bring very hot and humid air to San Diego. Today we had some really nice gigantic thunderstorm clouds to the southeast. The monsoonal flow is suppose to last another 2 or 3 days...then it will cool down slightly. We are in the "July Fry" now...which is typical.

6 Jul, 2011


We're not even getting the sun now, where we live. Has rained downpours for the last two days again....
Put the central heating on today, as it was so cold earlier, and to air some clothes.
Unbelievable for JULY !!!

6 Jul, 2011



You're getting cold weather and we're getting August weather. Today it was even hotter and more humid than yesterday. I'm already tired of it. It's still around 88ºF/31ºC at 9:30 at night in inland San Diego. Tonight will be another very warm night, again!

7 Jul, 2011


We put central heating on again last night. We are into the first week of July, and still not getting Summer.
Don't know what's happening to the climate. :o)

8 Jul, 2011



Putting on central heating here would be incomprehensible here in July. I don't use it very much even in winter.

Yes, the weather has been so strange everywhere the last couple of years. I hope it returns to some normalcy soon!

8 Jul, 2011


I hope so too. Wind and rain again today.:o(

8 Jul, 2011


It's still too hot here. :>(

9 Jul, 2011


Still wind and showers today.
Sun came out for a while, so I took some pics of Granddaughters Wild Flowers she scattered in the garden, and wrote a blog. :o)

10 Jul, 2011


Another hot day today. I went swimming over friends' house until 10:00 p.m. It felt great! :>)

10 Jul, 2011


The water wasn't 'boiling point' then? lol. ;o)

10 Jul, 2011


It's wasn't quite at the boiling point yet. lol! I think the pool water temp was 86ºF/30ºC. or so. (and it wasn't heated).

10 Jul, 2011


everywhere on this old globe it seems gardeners are wailing about the strangeness of the weather. We've had lots of humidity and very scary "supercell" storms that don't carry a lot of precip. The almanac said that we would have a very cold wet spring but a hot dry summer...looks like they hit the nail on the head! You neighbour's pool temps are bathwater warm, but I'm sure it's a welcome respite! Don't envy you your climate at this time of year, hope you get some moisture, D1.

12 Jul, 2011


Agree with Lori about the weather conditions,being very strange.
As for the pool being bathwater temp, That's hotter than I would have in my bath. Lol. :o)

12 Jul, 2011


Hello Lori:

It's been a long time since I've seen a comment from you. :>)

Yes, the weather all over the world seems to be very strange...not sure if it's going to be ending anytime soon, though.

We had really hot, humid weather for quite a while. Now, the temps are below normal...the temp was only 79ºF/26ºC. for the last two days. However, it's been a nice break because the very hot and humid weather will be making a return by this weekend (along with the monsoon clouds). Yuck!

13 Jul, 2011


The usual summer flow from the south has us in the grips of a heat wave!...supposed to be 37 degrees C. on Thurs. That's without the humidex. With the humidex it will feel like 46!

20 Jul, 2011



That's really HOT!!! I hope you stay cool!

I don't like this type of drains me fast.

We've had nice warm weather here in inland San's been around 88ºF/31ºF. for the last 3 days...which is pretty much normal.

20 Jul, 2011


Really must be a northern type..88 is too hot for me!

21 Jul, 2011



It's too hot for me, also. If it can be 82ºF/28ºC. or around this temp every day of the would be perfect. :>)

21 Jul, 2011


Well here it is ...the peak of the heatwave as foretold. It is starting to ease a little now and by 7:30 we should notice some cooling off...but it was 35 degrees Celsius today with a humidex of 45! hottest day on record in the Capital. Lost part of my Juglans niger today...a gust of wind and part of the trunk went crashing to the ground...will have to post a pic.

21 Jul, 2011


Wow!! That's quite a heat index (humidex) reading. We do get those types of reading in July and August sometimes. I hate when it's that hot. The hottest I ever remember was in July of 2006, we had a heat index of 132ºF/55.5ºC which was absolutely unbearable (This high of a heat index here is very rare). Even the air conditioner couldn't keep the house cool.

22 Jul, 2011


They don't call is Shake'n'Bake for nothing! Bet you don't find that funny though. sorry. 55.5 deg. C?. That's almost oven temperature. I'd be dead! I hope this is a better year for you. I've never experience the dry heat of the must be quite different...the humidity we have here is just debilitating.

23 Jul, 2011


Yes, it was like an oven. The actual air temp was 109ºF/42.8ºC. with 40% humidity...which calculates to a heat index of ~55.5ºC. The dew point was so extremely high...higher than I've ever felt in my life. It felt like being in a very hot sauna.

Is it still extremely hot and humid there? I've been following the oppressive heat wave of most of the U.S. It's quite amazing! We're so lucky the weather has been perfect here...not too hot. (only 84ºF/29ºC. today).

24 Jul, 2011

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