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...just coming into bloom...

...just coming into bloom...

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So many's going to look stunning..

17 Jul, 2011's gorgeous!! I'm allowed to say that...cos, it's not down to me!..
...I'll post another pic when it's in full bloom... :)

17 Jul, 2011


look forward to it....What is nice is that the person that grew it left in your care, and you've added it in to your own design...unlike the people who bought ours, and ripped the lot out...and laid hardcore...It now looks like a Tinkers yard...If you ever come over to us, I'll show it too you...I've got lots of photos of our before and after, and the transformation was unbelievable....but to do that to my mind, I can't print what I

19 Jul, 2011


Oh, my! Why would they do that??? I bet the garden was a big reason for them liking the house in the first place....:/

19 Jul, 2011


I had just come out of Hospital, and I was really out of it...but I do remember the Agent trying to beat us down on price because of the garden needing work...and I did flip...only now do I realise what he meant...Yes big area is what they were interested in...the back is converted into Kennels for his 30 odd Hunting Dogs...and the front well say no more...They have a youngster, and not even a bit of green for him to play on....H says the monetary value's gone right out the door...the front is just a big hard standing....and the front Fence's similar to the square wired fence they put round fields or seperate a garden...I'll get a sneaky pic next time we're up there, and I'll post show you....that house is over 500 years old, with the biggest Fireplace you've ever seen, well I've ever seen anyway...It looks so forlorn now...We used to get people driving up to compliment us on what we'd done to this lovely old house...I think they must be feeling pretty let down by their own French people now....and we could have got more selling to English, but we were happy to sell to French...we made the price, and stuck to it...
They even bulldozed all the lovely Oaks around the Boundary...

19 Jul, 2011


Ooh,'s criminal damage really. I hope you don't have to pass it too often...
There are a lot of French people who don't really realise what they've got...a bit like the in UK a few years ago, when people were ripping out original features right, left and centre in the name of renovation :(((

How did they get permission? Was it not listed??...prominent member of the chasse???

19 Jul, 2011


They haven't ripped out anything inside, well not as far as I'm aware...They couldn't remove the Fireplace anyway, it's built as part of the side wall to the house, if you know what i mean...We had one more Window to install when we was for the side wall in the grenier, we donated the Oak Window to them, and as far as I can see that's all they've done...We had planning permission for all the Windows we wanted to install, as long as they were Oak,we had outlying permission for a Verandah across the front of the house, but decided to have a Julliet balcony across the front of what was the Grenier doorway......The roof we had done with Chimney Pots and Ridge tiles...One Pot has gone, not replaced, some ridge tiles gone not replaced...I doubt whether the Mayor has been there since we left I don't know...Maybe you're right being a member of the Hunt........
Anyway its done now...just have to close our eyes to it....

21 Jul, 2011


True,'s heartbreaking, but what can you do but say to yourself, 'It's not mine anymore' and let it go... :(
...your new house and garden will soon be everything you want and need...nice neighbours, beautiful garden...
(...and, on a lighter note, just think of all these massive, heavy logs you won't have to lug around anymore ;)!)

21 Jul, 2011


oooh lord I forgot that

21 Jul, 2011



21 Jul, 2011

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