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Ficus Carica - Varieta....


By Crissue

Ficus Carica - Varieta....

Standard Fig...Stands just over six feet at present, and is currently planted in a large Pot...
This was our freebie, when we bought our Cherry Tree...

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Great freebie! your garden looks nice and sunny! Peeing down here today..again! :(

2 Aug, 2011


Thanks Uma & Pixi

It's raining here Pixi..and I don't mind, it was very oppressive yesterday and the day it cools it down a bit...

2 Aug, 2011


:) x

2 Aug, 2011


Nice! Pelted down here all day Pixi and now it's just grim and grey. :(

2 Aug, 2011


Still raining here...but no matter it's cooled it down a bit, and the storm that was forecast, has passed us by...whew...

3 Aug, 2011


THe sun shone all day! Still is! Had great day, Rick came and we got a bit more of the sculpture done, it's gonna be a few more weeks I think. But I had a bit of an accident lol..because I didnt want the statue to be too heavy with the concrete, I filled the arms and some of the body with expanding foam which worked great..but..I bent down to pick something up and got it in my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help! Anyone know how I can get it out? I have tried acetate and oil etc..still there..I might have to cut most of it out!!!!!!!! Oh dear..taken me years to get my hair long., mind you its mostly on the fringe. Silly me eh?
We are meant to have more thunder tomorrow Sue! Ypieee! :)

3 Aug, 2011


Oh wow...Pix you have gone and done it lol...I'll ask OH when he gets up, fingers x'd you don't have to go drastic and use the c word....**

I hope we don't get the Storms, the last one passed us by...if it rains tooo hard it knocks everything flat...

4 Aug, 2011


lol yes..i jsut realised which C word you meant lololol
Its still there too :(
I do love the storms and booming thunder..but yes they make a mess of things dont they..all the petals off the roses etc..anyway so far today the sun shines :) WOnt last tho! :)

4 Aug, 2011


Pixi OH says that stuff shoud break up quite easily in the air...have you had any luck yet getting out of your hair...

5 Aug, 2011


Lucky you...Standard Fig..what a lovely freebie:-))

8 Aug, 2011


Yes thanks Sue..its almost all gone now..just a wee strand left lol..sillybilly! :)

8 Aug, 2011


Thanks Lawley...yes it's unusual to get such a nice freebie....only problem is with all the rain we've had about three of my Figs have dropped off...and I was looking forward to eating them when ripe...Hope no more fall off...:o))

So pleased Pix...must have felt awful in your Hair...anyway love you didn't have to the end ...phew...that was close lol...

9 Aug, 2011


heh :)

9 Aug, 2011

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