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Wild Gooseberries

Wild Gooseberries

Plenty of these along the margins of the forest.

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Am I right in thinking they are edible Lori...!!

31 Aug, 2011


Yes, Crissue. I only got a few as I think they're a favourite of the birds and little rodents...I tasted one when they were green..but it was tart. So decided to wait to see if they ripened and sure enough...I picked these few and tasted them...lovely.

1 Sep, 2011


My Mum used to make a lovely Gooseberry Tart...very yummy...

1 Sep, 2011


Sounds very yummy!

2 Sep, 2011


It was ....both she and my Nan both both good Pastry makers...:)))

2 Sep, 2011


Now that I know where the canes are and what to expect I'll be ready for their harvest next year! Mmmm gooseberry tart! do you know if there's anything I can do to help them for next season? they were in a very shady spot this spring but I've cleared away most of the ash seedlings which were encroaching on them... Did I do right..or was that a mistake? Anybody?

2 Sep, 2011


A sunny position is ideal but they will tolerate part shade. Space bushes at least 1.5m (5feet) apart spreading roots evenly in the hole and fill in, firming soil with your foot.
3. Prune in November shortening side shoots to encourage fruiting spurs and keeping bush open in the centre so that air can circulate which discourages mildew and facilitates picking.
4. Mulch with layer of organic matter (compost or bark) in spring to suppress weeds.
5. When bushes come into leaf in March watch for signs of sawfly caterpillars which shred the leaves.
6. Gooseberries need a moist soil, crucially when fruit is being formed, and water during dry spells throughout the summer. Delay spraying for mildew once flowering is finished and bees have moved on.
7. Cover with netting to protect from birds from May onwards when young fruits are formed. It’s a good idea to keep them protected all the time as birds feed on the buds in winter too.
8. Berries are traditionally thinned on Barnaby Day (June 11) though some start as early as Whitsunday (3rd week in May). Take about half the crop off, and eat these thinnings cooked.

I googled this info for you Lori hope it helps....

3 Sep, 2011


LOL! Thanks a I know who to blame for the fact that the berries disappeared...birds...hmmmm. Oh well...they have to live too and this place must seem like a delicatessen...there are the gooseberries...the elderberries...the nectar rich blossoms of the lilac and all the wild flowers...I can't believe that these gbs are growing so well. They are growing in total neglect (up til now)...on the edge of the forest in a semi shaded area among stones and deadfall and leaf mould Nature doing her thing again!

3 Sep, 2011


For sure, nature has way of helping...Glad I could help...:))) Good luck...

4 Sep, 2011


Thanks next blog is due soon..and it's going to be about the bounty of nature...and how we strive to give our plants the optimum and Mom Nature does it so effortlessly! lol... I've been out giving my camera some exercise.

4 Sep, 2011


Nice one...look forward to that.....;

5 Sep, 2011

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