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Hanging basket flower

Hanging basket flower

I brought from Funky Flora via ebay. She does some nice selections for hanging baskets but I always lose the names

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That's a pretty colour :o)

24 Oct, 2011


Thanks againTerratoonie

24 Oct, 2011


Very nice..a New years resolution,Tommy? Keep your labels ! :o))

25 Oct, 2011


Good idea Bloomer but the plants were delivered as a basket mix, names on invoice but not on the individual plug pots. . I will follow your advice. With the help of you and other members of GOU I have been adding names to the folders that contain my flower files. I always thought I had a good memory but you are 100% correct. I forget the name in minutes.
Thanks to you all for your likes

3 Nov, 2011


You are better organised than me,Tommy,but mainly its memory,or adding things on here to favourite blogs or pics..and saving labels ! :o)

5 Nov, 2011


I did not realise how many people would comment or like my photos, amazing so that's why I am always open to suggestions . Thank you Bloomer

5 Nov, 2011


It's always nice to receive comments, we all look forward to reading blogs and seeing pics..and how the content of blogs can end up totally different from how they started !:o).This site is a godsend in the winter,when we can't get out much..and we still find things to talk about,or I'm sure you will find out before long...

6 Nov, 2011


I have found out already what a wonderful site. I use to love to socialise and nothing like a quick hour long chatter.
Pop into the local corner shop , get a newspaper post a letter.
Since my troubles I do not feel safe enough to venture out by myself and I do not want to put on anyone especially my wife as she takes care of out two youngest grandchildren while their parents are out to work.
I am so happy that I decided to learn all of the many advantages and disadvantages of www. I have found it really stimulates the brain.

I want to be dependant and try not to reliable on my family.
I use to be a cook in my early working days of joining the RAF and I love doing the home cooking. I became the house husband and took the asprin at nights and my wife went to work then near disaster.
I had just started baby sitting for my one year old grandson. My wife and family were due home soon and I was doing my own version of chow mein as all of my family are a bit partial to this dish and it's so affordable and from start to finish takes minute. I remember heating the oil in the bottom of a wok and mixing a couple of eggs into the hot fat. I do this to add flavour to the fat. I remove when cooked and add to the finished dish .
I turned to check on the grandson who was at a safe distant sitting in his high chair and then it was so horrible.
I suddenly felt like I was passing out, I was unable to focus on the cooker switch that I trying to switch off. and felt so weak . Then the front door opened. Must have been my dear late friend watching down on me, my wife had finished work half hour early and been given a lift home from work. I shouted for help from my wife but she had a moan at me thinking that I had been drinking because she could not understand what I was trying to say. Bless her she must have seen the look of fear in my eyes. She made the cooking and grandson safe. I told her I had a repeat of what I had experienced in about 2002.

The first time I had the same feelings whilst working but carried on for a week until my part time employer asked the same as every one else, had I been drinking. Made me pretty mad as the chance would have been a good thing. I made an emergency appointment to see my doctor who in turn could not understand what I was telling her. She made me close my eyes and smile raise my arms
She told me to go to hospital with a letter. A week later my boss came to pick me up. I had been diagnosed with having a transient ischemic attack (TIA) .

I did not fancy the hospital again so took five adult aspirins dissolved under the tongue. Sat down and had a nice cup of tea. I must have fallen asleep and woke up with a fast response paramedic calling me Tom. Had to spend more time in hospital. The rest is history and as I mentioned in a blog I am not just going to become the fattest coucher in the UK. I look fat enough because of my short legs hence the Tommyshortlegs.

I have been advised not to cook food when a lone in the house. What would of happened if that was the stroke that was to follow. Could have been the end of my sweet grandson and I plus the house burnt down.
I have an idea of putting something on the market and have been trying to find if anything the same is out there. I would donate all proceeds if properly managed to Bucks Primary Care.

Going back to the www
I order my repeat prescriptions that are picked up, dispensed and then delivered to my house by my local pharmacy .
Order on line grocery shopping . Can pay for and arrange for a parcel to be collect from home. I can print out postage from Royal Mail,I have to depend on wife to post letter on way to school (not every one has a pc), do all of your banking and have paperless statements from overpriced gas and electric rip of giants. Pay your council tax. On line plants, order and design and have posted greetings cards, I found out about some benefits that I had never even heard of. I was so great full to Warmfront. If any one needs help with a new boiler and ticks the right boxes go for it, trouble there is so much out there and if not claimed WHAT does happen to the money the choice is endless but saving best to last in joint position GOU and Trowel all thanks to Kath

You are correct Bloomer how I have deviated from Hanging Basket Flower
Take care and ps. Thanks again to all of you likes and comments

7 Nov, 2011

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