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Vegetable growing books


By Balcony

Vegetable growing books

I got these two vegetable growing books from my daughter & her partner as Christmas presents.

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Oh ! Now you'll have wonderful crops next year ;o)

25 Dec, 2011


Some nice presents will be showing us some pics of your great crops come summer,i am out tomorrow morning sowing my onion seeds..:o)

25 Dec, 2011


Thanks, Hywel! I hope they will be of help, too! :-))

Thanks, Joanella, I'll be sure to make up plenty of blogs next year! I've Gerry's allotments & now my own!

26 Dec, 2011


Enjoy your reading in the winter. Summer will ask you what did you do in the winter.

26 Dec, 2011


Thanks, Katarina. I've been reading some of one of the books today. I hope my growing will be better for it in the summer.

26 Dec, 2011


And to think you were unsure of just taking on half of Gerry's in the begining..look where you are now..well done you..:o)

26 Dec, 2011


What a great pressie for a gardener...excellent Balcony...

27 Dec, 2011



27 Dec, 2011


You are so right, Joanella! :-))

Thanks, Crissue, but the merit goes to my daughter for choosing them for me!

Started the other one as well yesterday. :-))

27 Dec, 2011


Good taste...good taste...:)))

27 Dec, 2011


She does have quite good taste most of the time!

28 Dec, 2011


I don't have the room to grow veggies (though I did plant the occasional sprouting potato that had been left too long!), but I did eventually buy the Garden Expert book for the section on herbs. Good luck with the books and next year's crop

29 Dec, 2011


Like you I don't have room on the balcony to grow veg either although that hasn't stopped me from growing Tomatoes every year since we've been here! I grow 3 or 4 plants each year, as they are trained vertically they don't occupy much room really. I've also grown a few Strawberry plants as well! One year I grew a couple of potatoes in some old compost bags but they took up so much room & only produced such a small yield that I've not repeated the experiment!

Thanks for the good wishes with the books & crops for next year! :-)) Hope you are able to grow lots of herbs on your balcony as well!

Best wishes for the New Year 2012!

31 Dec, 2011


My prob with the potatoes was knowing when to lift them: I looked online for "how to grow potatoes" and found plenty of advice on planting, caring for, storing ... but none on when to lift 'em. It wasn't till I disocvered GoY and ansked the question here that I got an answer. Before that I'd pull one up and if it didn't look ready, push it back down again. which must have helped it!!

But one needs more than one plant or one pot - you can grow a single flower, but a single potato is daft. So in future I'll have to make sure I eat the spuds I buy before they show signs of age!

I don't touch tomatoes with the proverbial ten-foot barge pole (childhood force-feeding), which makes it hard to buy sandwiches! I usually end up with boring cheese and pickle, cos that's the only non-tomato option - and I've only recently found out that one can have pizzas without tomato. Since I moved, I've not had pizza because I'd have to train my now nearest pizza place to leave the tomato out. Can't buy frozen pizza, either: they do pizza bases, where you can add your own topping, but they're really too big.

I have some strawberry seeds, and I recently found a pack of strawberry plants (with the compst in a small bag) - it says to plant as soon as possible, and as the pack was bidden for months doubt they'd take now, but only one way to find out. We grew some at DITO, and got some strawbs off them - very small yield, as you say, but to get some at all was a novelty. I do want to try some here, provided I can shield them to keep the animals off 'em.

I've not yet tried growing herbs from seed - I did buy some packs from Tesco, and they flourished for a while, then fell over. No idea what I'm doing wrong, they didn't last on the windowsill or outdoors. Maybe I'll have better luck with home-grown ones.

Let us know through the year how useful those books are! all the best for 2012 - if the world don't end!!

1 Jan, 2012


Happy New Year Balcony and everyone xx

2 Jan, 2012


Thank you & the same I wish for you! Happy gardening during 2012!

2 Jan, 2012


what Balcony said *s*

2 Jan, 2012



3 Jan, 2012

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