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Bauhinia variegata


By Meanie

Bauhinia variegata (Bauhinia variegata (Dagh Abanosi))

y first Bauhinia variegata seed has germinated!

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Has this shoot come from the bigger piece that appears to be half buried just behind the new growth?

9 Jan, 2012


very good Meanie..

9 Jan, 2012


Ahh, fantastic. I think mine are a week behind...

10 Jan, 2012


The seed is like a bean/pea Sticki, and the two bits in the compost are like the two halves of the bean/pea.

God knows how I'll care for this Surreylad!

Alex - mine arrived about a week after yours!
Any sign of life from the others?

10 Jan, 2012


I'm pretty sure I sowed mine around Christmas (I should have written it down).

Markhamia Zanzabarica are doing good. How about you?

10 Jan, 2012


Nothing from the Markhamia lutea yet, but they only went in at the weekend.
Bauhinia corymbosa showing signs of stirring, B.punctata only went in at the weekend too.

Got these seeds today.........
Anigozanthos manglesii...........

and Cubanola domingensis

10 Jan, 2012


I really like...Anigozanthos manglesii

You know...anthos means flower in Greek. ;o)

I'm going easy with seeds this year...I did sow these that I had for ages just sitting around.
Sarracenia leucophylly (White top pitcher plant)
Etlingera elatior (Pink ginger torch)
and the rest of Cancer Bush seeds....three have germinated so far.
I just threw them in some soil.

I did order,
Ferraria crispa - Black Spider Iris a week ago.

I'm kind of put off after the disappointment from my Passion flower seeds.

11 Jan, 2012


I have a Ferraria in leaf at the moment - cool growing plants!

Why put off? Passiflora hybrids are notorious for reversion to a parent , or not coming true to the hybrid at least.

Love that Sarracenia!

My Sutherlandia are growing well - over a metre tall now!

11 Jan, 2012


No....did you grow the Ferraria from seed?

Well....I was all excited to see this beautiful Passiflora flower that I really liked and well....I got what I got.

I don't know if I will be successful with my's still in the fridge so...we'll see.

I messed up the first time with my Sutherlandia....good for you.
Is it nice enough to post a pic yet?

11 Jan, 2012


No, I bought mine as a young offset. You do know that they're a little "whiffy" don't you..........

re the Passiflora - stick to the true species and you'll be ok.

The Sutherlandia is looking better now that the leaves are growing back!

Did you soak the Bauhinia seeds?

11 Jan, 2012


"Whiffy" as in stinky? It will be in the garden so...
I don't like the smell of the "Clerodendrum Ugandense" leaves when you brush past them...yuk. But it's still on my

I've sown two more types of Passiflora this past summer, they are in the garden now......Suspense until this summer.

Post pic when nice enough....;o)

I didn't soak any of the seeds. You?

11 Jan, 2012


Garden is not an option for the Ferraria here.........

I've never noticed the smell of the C.ugandense leaves being that bad, although not a problem with my big one since it caught a frost!

Good luck with the other Passiflora - something nice should come out of it!

All the Bauhinia seeds were hot soaked. The B.corymbosa are germinating too now.

11 Jan, 2012 time you touch one of the leaves have a smell...pew.
Will the frost kill it?
It's 5C now outside at 9:15....had a quick look at the garden...the plants look "cold" but all the leaves still in place.

I do hope I get some nice Passiflora flowers!

I will check on my seeds in a bit for their morning inspection and opening of bags.

12 Jan, 2012


The frost didn't kill it, but it lost all its foliage. Covered in new shoots now that it's back indoors.

12 Jan, 2012


I'm leaving mine outside. One is in the garden and one is on the balcony in a pot. There is also a third that I made from a cutting....let's see if that makes it through winter.

12 Jan, 2012



Is this from the seeds I sent to you?

15 Jan, 2012



Etlingera elatior (Pink ginger torch) is not an easy plant to grow outside of the tropics. This plant is an extremely tough grow fact, I don't think it can grow here.

I've seen very large and beautiful ones in Hawaii.

15 Jan, 2012


I read all that after I bought the seeds!!! I will grow it indoors if I can for a while but they do get very large don't they. Oh well...

15 Jan, 2012


Actually, what would concern me the most is: this plant needs very high light with extremely high humidity.

15 Jan, 2012


It is!

The B.punctata are just starting to germinate too now!

16 Jan, 2012



That's terrific! I can't believe how quickly they're all germinating without boiling the seeds in water first.

16 Jan, 2012


I soaked them in near boiling water first. The B.punctata, being harder shelled were nicked with a scalpel too before sowing.

16 Jan, 2012


Okay, that makes sense...that's why they're germinating so quickly. You must have them in a very warm spot? Legumes seedlings rot very quickly if they are keep too cool.

I put my Delonix regia (Royal Poinciana) seeds in boiling water for a minute or so, then put an equal amount of cold water and let them soak for at least 24 hours. When I plant them they germinate within 3 or 4 days.

16 Jan, 2012


For anyone reading this who may be about to sow the seeds, I nicked the shells AFTER they were soaked!

Delonix - I soaked some chilli seeds in the same way and they started germinating in 24hrs (I'm over-run with chilli seedlings now).

16 Jan, 2012


Yes, it's amazing how quickly seeds will germinate after being soaked in water. That's been my technique for years.

16 Jan, 2012

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