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Aztec Fire-Bird feathers

Aztec Fire-Bird feathers

Thanks, Terratoonie, for sending me these Aztec fire-bird featehrs, and thanks to your fire-bird for supplying them! A few tried to escape while I was arranging them for the pic: I'll have to think of a suitably spectacular way to display them. (Answers on a postcard??)

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Moulted by my Aztec Fire Bird...
Very artistic, Fran...;o)
Well done... Lol.

19 Feb, 2012


lol this is the first time I've been pleased to have been given the bird! or part of it, anyway.

been thinking: mini draem-catcher? mini Aztec feather hat mobile? I lost a couple when I was getting them otu of the bag; some of them didn't want to come out and when I insisted, floated off somewhere. It'll take me a while to work out what to do with them, and a bit longer to actually do it; I'll have to find my magnifying glass with lights!

19 Feb, 2012


Ha ha Fran..
do you now have some idea the huge task I have cleaning Crocus's cage after he's been moulting ? ;o)

.. about a dozen or more times this amount !

19 Feb, 2012


shee! you must have enough for a full feathered cloak by now! or enough to stuff a pillow?

how often does he moult?

19 Feb, 2012


As he gets older, he seems to moult more often.
Budgies are at their most vulnerable when moulting...
I give Crocus extra millet and make extra sure he is kept away from draughts ..

He is growing some new feathers now... :o)))

19 Feb, 2012


lol soon have that pillow filled!

19 Feb, 2012


Maybe glue them onto a card in the rough shape of a bird!

19 Feb, 2012


nice one, GM! if i get some transparent plastic, I could draw a bird on it, if not get it cut to that shape; glue the feathers on, put holes in the top of the sheet and hang it as a mobile. mind you, I'd have to fix them pretty tightly, don't want MY fire-bird moulting!

have a hug on me, GM!!!

*s* whenever I see the thumbnail for this pic, it always looks like a plant to me, and I have to click on it, because I think, I don't remember having any plants like that! sigh, third time today!!!

hmmm, there's a thought ...

19 Feb, 2012


nice set of photo's on here today Fran

19 Feb, 2012


thanks dear! I was up all night, and thought, I've been meaning to chuck some photos on for a while, now's my chance.

have a hug *s* if I've already given you a hug today, have another one!

19 Feb, 2012


hug to you too Fran

19 Feb, 2012


M'goy, m'GoYer!

19 Feb, 2012


just thought of a dreadful pun that I might use:

make the feathers into a "ning" holding a spear - then it can be "guard-ning"!

20 Feb, 2012

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