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Kew view 2 25.4.11

Kew view 2 25.4.11

another part of the "prehistoric" section: sadly, my camera batteries went down after this - I'd thought one bar might last a bit longer

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Is that a thin waterfall ?

20 Feb, 2012


lol it is, rathert; but I think this is/was a scale model of prehistoric forest - don't know if it's a permamnet fixture - hope so, then I can go back and try to get the rest!

I was trying to do it in sections, and had to almost sit on the floor to get this angle. sadly it took me three goes, what with me pressing too hard on the shutter; could have got another half dozen if I hadn't had to keep deleting and retaking them.

but this is my kind of waterfall: I could imagine having something this size in my garden, even if not on so long a drop; a lot easier to fit in than Niagara! *s*

have a hug for being the first to comment: \o/

20 Feb, 2012


Let's hope you have the chance to take more pics.
I'll add this to GoYpedia :o)

20 Feb, 2012



kew is massive; me and a friend did one corner of it - it wasn't helped by her navigating us the wrong way so we wree tired before we even reached the gates! but do want to go back many times - it's not as if it cost us to get in (free for disabled and carers and we didn't have to queue)

20 Feb, 2012


Free for disabled and carers and didn't have to queue ?
Those are definite plus points for you.

For the next trip, give your friend "Kew-nav" ;o)

20 Feb, 2012


The websites did say that it might be best to take a folding stool or something for disabled people to wait in the queue - I didn't, because then I'd have to lug it round the rest of the day; thought I'd chance it. But when we got there there were short queues at two of the gates, and a woman waved us stright through the third gate. and the "Kew Express" was standing nearby, so we got aboard for that and had the round trip - had to pay for that, of course.

The quickest route to the Kew gate that we found and the station started off with a tiny alley beside the station; she said the sign must be pointing up the road, not round the corner, and so ... took us about an hour to get to the gates, walking all the time. Still, we know for next time.

Lol if anyone goes to Kew, take your own packed lunch! we stopped for a snack; tables were scarce so I minded one while she went to the cafe, then she'd mind my seat while I went. But i didn't go - £4.50 for a cornish pastie, and not nearly as large or as nice-looking as Yorkshire's!

20 Feb, 2012


lol Homebird, there's my template for my ideal "forest fall"; have to see how my reality matches up!

20 Feb, 2012


Fran ... now you have the cordless drill, you can construct one of these waterfall scenes in no time ;o)

20 Feb, 2012


grins, it's not the building that worries me, it's how to power it.

I've already designed a "mountain" to be built in four stages, each nesting on the one below, with a long pipe running the height, a cave and a lake for the footer pool, the header pool concealed in an "underground reservoir"- there'd be a couple of falls at varying heights, one dropping straight into the footer pall and the other being caught by baffles and deflected down to antoher one and anther so it would be a stepped cascade ... and little caves in the walls where one could peep in and see tiny neolithic cave paintings!

Solar power is out, as even my tidgy fountain only works an hour a day, if I'm lucky.

I'm wary of mains power: the way I look at it, bring water and leccy together in the wrong way and you never get the chance to make a second mistake.

I'd want the water feature on my plant tables: one of them is in the left hand corner of the garden, away from the flat. The garden is paved, so I don't fancy getting the slabs lifted and re-laid, the cable would have to go along the wall,, round the corner, alon gthe other wall and then along a wire-mesh fence.

The otehr table is directly opposite the back door, so only an overhead cable could reach it: it also backs on to a wire-mesh fence.

What I'm looking for is a battery pack that can be charged at the mains, then plugged in to the feature so it runs self-contained. I dont' know if such things are made, or how expensive they'd be to buy and then to run - I should imagine I'd need one on charge and one working all the time, swapping them over several times a day!

I tried asking this in Yahoo Answers, but everybody answered in terms of solar batteries, which do rather require the sun to shine on them for more than an hour a day - and are nbg in even slightly cloudy weather!

well, when I say "designed" - drawn on paper, with each level laid out.

20 Feb, 2012


no more do I, Homebird! *s*

21 Feb, 2012

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