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Tomato seeds germinating 10-03-2012


By Balcony

Tomato seeds germinating 10-03-2012 (Solanum lycopersicum (Tomato))

Tomato seeds germinating after only four days!

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you've got a serious case of Triffid Tomatoes there! what does the packet instructions say as germiantion time, or plant-out time, and does it give an eventual estimated eheight?

11 Mar, 2012


I planted seeds last week which have all germinated well, mainly annuals Lavertera, Cosmos, Sweet peas and Shirley Poppies;0)

13 Mar, 2012


@Fran: If you think they are big there you should see them now! I have been putting them outside so they get more light. A couple of them are dwarf Tomatoes, the yellow one is at least. As they were in an electric propagator they germinated in only a couple of days! I expected them to take at least a week. So they caught me by surprise!

Good to see you have planted some seeds, PP! The ones you have sown are ones that attract a lot of bees so you are doing your bit for the declining bee population!

13 Mar, 2012


They really surprised me by coming up so soon!

On the allotments I haven't noticed much difference from previous years.

18 Mar, 2012


is it just the heat that makes the difference, do you think? or being in a controlled environment? assuming your allotment ones are out of doors!

18 Mar, 2012


I had a couple tomatoes plants last spring wich have gone infested by terrible buggs, white little fleas infected all my plants, almost lost the acer.
As I'm not sure if those bugs had preference for tomatoe plants I'll avoid planting it on my balcony... :(
The only survivor was a dwarf (called grape tomatoe here) plant that I moved to a friend's garden.

My best wishes for yours Balcony.

18 Mar, 2012


I second Bilbobaggins suggestion above as I did the same last year on our allotment! I noticed that the Marigolds and Tagettes seem to attract them like magnets but they didn't seem to be any the worse for them! They are also supposed to clean your soil of certain pests that can kill our plants as well. So 2 for 1! :-))

19 Mar, 2012


I'm sorry Fran but could you clarify your post above? I'm not clear what you are asking me. Are you asking about the Tomatoes seeds on the allotment or the weed seeds?

The Tomatoes germinated so quickly at home because they were in a heated propagator. The ones I sowed in the GH months ago show no signs of germinating yet! Obviously it hasn't been warm enough for them!

Strange as it seems there are fairly few weed seeds germinating in spite of the warm winter! Maybe in part because of cultivation practises they are being kept low though I wouldn't bet on it!

I planted some Broad beans a week ago & I covered the soil around them with a thick layer of soil improver used as a mulch. That will keep down annual weeds but not perennial, though there are few of them in the beds used for growing veg!

19 Mar, 2012


I was just wondering, Balcony, if hte reason that your tomato seedlings have shot up is because of the heat, or because they're enclosed, or how much of each. You'd said that the allotment ones weren't growing as fast, so I assume that they're not heated or aren't enclosed?

20 Mar, 2012


Hi Balcony,
I started my toms off earlier this year, as I seem to be waiting forever for them to fruit...all doing well, I have them growing in my Sun room with plenty of fresh air from an open door during the day...I shall plant them all out when all frosts have gone...
Just a point, I usually pop mine into a plastic bag to germinate, and then uncover them when they get going...I tend to do that with all the seeds I start in house, not having a propagator or greenhouse...

21 Mar, 2012


I've only had a propagator for a few weeks, Crissue. These tomatoes are the first seeds I've grown in it! They now have their first set of true leaves & I need to prick them out as soon as possible. I had intended to do it yesterday but found I didn't have enough compost. I thought I would go into town today & get another bag but in the end I forgot. I MUST buy another bag tomorrow!

27 Mar, 2012


do you use ordinary general-purpose compost in the propagators, Balcony? I've seen all sorts of "dedicated" compost mixes for this and that, but not sure about having half a dozen different sacks about, so I use one type for all. Of course, ericacius plants need their own mix, but propagators?

28 Mar, 2012


Hi Fran, this is just me, but I use an all purpose Compost for all my seedlings, and cuttings a good one...if the seeds are very fine, I sprinkle on the top and mist regularly until they've put a spurt on, then I stand the tray in a little water to soak up from the bottom...By the way Polystyrene containers that we get our prepacked joints in get saved and used for seed growing, they make ideal little growers and hold the warmth.

29 Mar, 2012


thanks Criss. I don't intend to go down the "dedicated" road, just wondered if it'd make that much difference if I did!

I've got stacks of those trays, 'styrene and other plastics; been saving them on the "might come in handy" principle. never thought of them for seedlings

I've got some tiny biodegradable plant pots, for plants that don't like to be disturbed too much - also read that fibre egg boxes would do the same thing, just break off each pocket and plant it complete.

29 Mar, 2012


Like Cris I use All Purpose compost for everything. I did buy a bag of Seed & Cutting compost to use in the GH on the allotment but I found it had a lot of fine sand in it, probably for better drainage & to try to avoid Damping off of little seedlings. Can't say I found it any better than All Purpose to tell the truth. I haven't used it for rooting cuttings though. With the extra sand in it it would probably be better for cutting. I have used the same All Purpose compost in the propagator as well. My tomato seedling seem to be doing OK on it. :-))

I still haven't got around to taking them out of the try as I keep forgetting to buy another bag of compost. Such a nuisance having to remember to buy it in town!

29 Mar, 2012


Simple is usually better :-), the less complicated, the less there is to remember - or to foget!

I've got rooting and cutting hormone powder, but keep forgetting to use the damn thing; one's supposed to dip the cut end into the powder and then pot it; I must try it sometime to see if it does make any difference. Sometime!

I need to get some compost: about time I took my 4-wheel "flatbed" trolley for a walk; with bungee cords I should be able to get three or four bags on, as I won't have to physically support the weight, just push it - if I can get it up and down the kerbs! but only one way to find out.

If only they delivered - B&Q has lots, but all marked "not for home delivery", which is a damn lot of use. Of course, I could hire a man with a van and do a bulk buy, but where to store it?

29 Mar, 2012


Hi Balcony and Fran, I use the all purpose compost for my cuttings too, and rooting powder, have done for years...very rarely lost one unless it was a weakling...As an aside, I soak a lot of my bigger seeds in water till they split, makes life a lot easier for growing...
Balcony, have you ever tried growing Lemon Cues, I grew tham last year for the first time, and they're lovely, have some plants on the go now...and I'm trying Ockra this year, I love it, but have never grown it...

Balcony you'll have to tie a piece of string round your thumb to remind you (Compost) ha ha..

30 Mar, 2012

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