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Butternut Squash


By Crissue

Butternut Squash

Seedlings coming along great...have 9 in and will take probaly 5 strongest...Then grow more intermittently, so they don't all arrive together...Just love Butternut...mmm

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they look healthy,can`t say I`ve ever had butternut squash...

19 Apr, 2012


They are doing well.

19 Apr, 2012


My courgette plants are getting quite big now they have their true leaf through, but how can i hold them back, cannot put them out yet!

19 Apr, 2012


I am having the same problem Grandmage. Mine are going leggy. I have put them out in a colder greenhouse and cover them at night, but its a worry isnt it.

19 Apr, 2012


Ive never tasted it :)

19 Apr, 2012


ooh it's gorgeous, and versatile too, and makes a fantastic soup too that can be frozen...

They're all from the same family, Sylvia and Grandmage, what I do, is put them in deeper pots, and plant them lower down...usually works for me...and a little less light too...

19 Apr, 2012


Thanks for that Sue

19 Apr, 2012


You're very welcome...x

19 Apr, 2012


Thanks. Ok. will give it a go. when could we put them out I wonder? Its too cold at mo.

19 Apr, 2012


Send some over to me please we love it, can use it in so many different ways....

19 Apr, 2012


I love Butternut Crissue....makes lovely soup doesnt it...I planted a few seed from the last one i bought and they came up so quickly....

20 Apr, 2012


Morning all....Yes it does make a gorgeous soup, and if you look on google for ways of cooking Butternut you'll find lots of ideas...
DD it's not too late to start it, inside, and outside, May through June, three grains to a pocket, leaving one strong one, picking would be from Sept to December..
I won't put mine out till all frost threats have gone, but I will harden them off daily when strong enough, and the weather is a bit warmer in the day...Hope this helps..

20 Apr, 2012


Will look and see if I can find any seeds in the gc next visit I think I would like this very much. Never had it before but always happy to try. Found a recipe on line for roast Butternut so going to give them a go.

20 Apr, 2012


Roast is lovely, can taste like roast tatties, very quick too.

20 Apr, 2012


Thanks for the tips Crissue on growing and eating it...:>)

20 Apr, 2012


You're more than welcome, you're right B they do take on a roast tatty flavour, I love sweet Potato done that way too...very yummy...You can do a butternut mash too, and bake it...ooh stop, I'm drooling...

OH has made more room for us to grow extra veg, so we can be more sustainable the year through...bit difficult in a small garden, but with big pots, and making some changes, it's do-able just...

21 Apr, 2012


Hi , Sue , I've two that have come up from one that I bought . Not quite "into " them yet but you sound very enthusiastic , so I'll see .
The courgettes that I planted haven't come , I'll probably have to plant more .
How are last year's peppers coming along ?

25 Apr, 2012


Hi everyone, Butternut are doing really great, just waiting for new sets of leaves before I pot them on..

Hi D, where you Peppers are doing grand 1 more to go out when strong enough..but I would add that I think I prefer to buy the young GC grown plants, I think it's a bit hit and miss with the amount I planted, to what I actually got...
Did you start your Courgettes off in side? or the garden...
I prefer to start mine off in house..You'll like the Butternut once you get into it lol...

Also Have Chilli peppers for the first time this year, bought the seeds, and have six strong seedlings going...they are easy, as they can be used fresh (without the seeds) if you don't like Hot, or dried...

25 Apr, 2012


Hi , Sue , being a blue- reared- fly , as usual !
I think the courgettes must have heard because they have started sprouting , they are under glass so they should be .
Chilli's never seem to be able to be vigourous for me , not enough heat , I suppose . I do try .

27 Apr, 2012


Hiya, glad you're Courgettes are on the move...sometimes when we watch them intently they don't seems to do anything for ages....
This is my first year for Chilli peppers, so won't know till later in the season how well they do...

We've had Rain all night, knew it was going to be mild, so left Baskets, and all my Toms out to get the full nourishment...all looking great, and it's still raining Have a great Weekend...x

28 Apr, 2012


Rain ? We feel like we are living on the set of Blade Runner !
The plants aren't suffering though . The wind is a bit strong for tender things yet , though .
Had Ted ( grandson ) overnight so a bit shattered today , but we should be up to visiting friends this afternoon . Hope that you enjoy your weekend ( I still think that it is a good concept , even though we don't have to go to work any more ).

29 Apr, 2012


Hi all...Going to pot on my Butternuts today, they're growing really well, and producing new leaves...still too unsettled to go out even to harden off...but no rush...

Hi D...Hope your visit went well...our weekend was unexpected to say the least, OH got hit in the head with an iron stable bracket, he keeps for hoisting my baskets up, and the wind took it and it gave him an awful about an Egg Head, mustn't laugh it was very scary...Just shows how easy accidents at home or in the garden can happen, take good care everyone....

30 Apr, 2012


Hello , Sue , poor OH ; we never know quite what the Gods have in store for us next , do we ? I do hope that he is OK now .
They ( the gods ) were looking the other way yesterday and we had a warm , sunny day ..... back to normal today though . Lots of tomatoes potted up , only several thousand other seedlings awaiting attention now !

1 May, 2012


Hiya...OH looks like a fighter after the fight, the bruising/swelling, has travelled down to the eye lid, and beyond, hope nobody thinks, I've battered him lol...ha ha..We had two nice days so far, looks like today will be the third, still have the next batch of carrots to sow, and more salad leaves, and beans etc, feels like thousands...:o))) Butternut potted on now, and I've set aside the extra strong plants for my good neighbour, hate seing stuff go to waste...
Oh well time to get going, catch you later...

3 May, 2012

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