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Thunbergia peach

Thunbergia peach

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Beautiful colour, really stands out :o)

9 Jun, 2012


Quite unusual...never seen it before! :)

9 Jun, 2012


No,neither have I,as I assumed most of them were yellow..

9 Jun, 2012


very nice Karen...

9 Jun, 2012


Love the colour :o)

9 Jun, 2012


Ou, very nice!!!

9 Jun, 2012


Yes folks...much nicer than the even looks like the texture of peach or apricot...
...and on display right by the cash register!
Another unplanned and irresistable! :)

9 Jun, 2012


They saw you coming,Karen,and placed it there.." Here comes that soft touch,again " :o))

9 Jun, 2012


I know, Bloomer...they all see me coming...
It was as much as I could do to squeeze it onto the!

10 Jun, 2012


Lifes a bitch,isn't it ? your trolley's not have a shelf underneath? Lol.I shouldn't have suggested that !:o))

10 Jun, 2012


Lol! :)))

I was meaning one of those big flat ones like you get in B&Q.....

I never seem to think about how I'm going to get them into the car!! lol!! :))

10 Jun, 2012


hi Karen, i got one of those last year from the market, no label ofcourse, just gorgeous, but beware... mine turned yellow during the summer, and i had paired it with a rose, mme Pereira, a bit unfortunate but it was lovely while it lasted
hope yours is more colourfast ;))

21 Jun, 2012


Nothing is colourfast at the moment, Resi...
I've got two thunbergias...and the flowers are white, well more grey, really... with fright, I think!

Most of my garden seems to think it's autumn already.... :(((

Worst summer in the nine years I've been here...
What's it like for you?

21 Jun, 2012


I have had to put some of my newly planted pots back in the plastic grow house,Karen..just to let them drain a's the second time now..they are just waterlogged..none of us are having much luck this year,are we ? :o(

21 Jun, 2012


No, we're not, Bloomer...

But, despite having woken up with mosquito bites (I forgot to shut the window last night), the sun is shining and I'm feeling much lighter of spirit today... :)

22 Jun, 2012


That's good Karen...not about the mossies though ,yuk !
Get out there girl,and enjoy the sunshine ...start of a better day :o)...we still have the rain here..all day it seems ..again !
I might just throw a few things together today,ready for the weekend a Mablethorpe ! OH is very optimistic..packed a windbreak for the beach,and a bucket and spade for your dreams ! ..and me? ..waterproof,boots,umbrella,and spray tan so I can lie about it,when we get back ! LOL....have a good day,my friend :o)) x

22 Jun, 2012


Lol! You do that Bloomer!
Brings back memories of sand in the egg sandwiches...a little added texture!

I'm away to try out my new "one handed" edging's sad how excited I am about something so!

Have a good day too, my friend, and a great weekend! :)) x

22 Jun, 2012


One handed edging shears eh, technology for you.
Never heard of them but sound ever such a good idea.
you might get a bit hyper about rhshears Karen, i have been ever so exited the last 2 days cause i could weed, yes how sad is that.
The weeding slot has closed now though as fr this morning and the soil is baked again. We have actually had a very good summer so far, quite a lot more rain than usual but never lasts very long and much of it overnight and the overcast days to 'weed' in. i reckon for the next 2 days my garden will look really good and then it'll be back again to baked parched bare scorched earth and everything dying for the rest of the summer!
why cannt nature get it right??? ;))

sand in egg sandwiches, i remember those and sand in the sheets!!

22 Jun, 2012


ah,the sand in egg sandwiches,and the sheets..remember them well..we didn't need exfoliants for the skin in those days,did we ? Lol..ooh,and soggy tomato's ,if you were lucky !
I've never heard of 'one handed edging shears' Karen..very upmarket in France,aren't you? are you sure they haven't fobbed you off with those,and they started off with two ? ..methinks it was that supermarket you know the one..'here comes that soft touch again ' ! ha ha x
hope the excitement hasn't worn off yet,Resi..and you can still get out there before it all dries off again...:o)

22 Jun, 2012


dont need exfoliants here Bloomer, enough clay dust in the air to do the job especially in the summer on the top of our hill, very windy! but with that come the views so no complaints there.

are 1handed e.shrs. a french thing Karen? where did you get yours, i might have a look here.
i've not seen them in our Lidl/Aldi lol

22 Jun, 2012


Lol! They must be exclusive then!

I've already chucked the label I don't know what make they are...

But I got them in Gamme Vert.

I'd like to be able to tell you they're wonderful, but, just after I said that I was going out to use them, my friend appeared. I'd forgotten that we were going out marketing and lunching today...second time in as many weeks...

I've got a to-do list, which I keep forgetting to look at. At the top it says, "get a diary"...

Not really sure if they'll work without blisters...but I'll let you know tomorrow!

If, I haven't forgotten any other prior engagements... ;)))

22 Jun, 2012


i have calendars on my comp and 2 hanging up in the house, i have endless lists pinned up and stuck under and in the fruitbowl and i forget
something tells me though that todays marketing and doing 'ladies who lunch' was the better option lol.
i am with you there

blisters, pulled ligaments and muscles....mind that one hand when you do get round to shearing.

will have a look at our Gamme Vert this week
ps hope you enjoyed ur lunch

22 Jun, 2012


Lol!'s getting worse by the day! :))

Cunning new plan, at the market today... a (nother) basket, which looks nice in the kitchen - and holds a weeks worth of bottles...

Pick it up every market day...deposit bottles en route...fill up EMPTY basket with plants, fish, veg etc. at the market...
...and repeat!!

Will it work??
No may be that I'll have a basket collection to rival that of my Intermarché bags...

Had a lovely lunch, though...and bought a frock as well! :)))

22 Jun, 2012


that will look very pretty then, rustic basket filled with empty wine bottles
yea that'll work, you might need another intermarche bag for the overspill though... ;)))

rustic baskets, frocks, lunches... gosh you had a pig of a day
jealous here!!
ps no new plants then???

22 Jun, 2012


No, Resi! Good plant stall was not there!!!

Had a lovely time though...I do like being a "lady who lunches"...
...and the dress was only 10€ ;)))

Don't get the shears...they're rubbish...
...blades too short...and, blisters! Just like I thought..

The basket not full yet, mostly down to having bought cubis this week...;) x

25 Jun, 2012


cubis definitely easier on the rustic baskets, good way to go.

lucky i hadnt found the shears yet, wont bother now.
and 'ladies who lunch' certainly dont go around sporting blisters on their hands, you could always put them on Le Bon Coin, the shears not the blisters ;~)
hot here, 34C this week, lots of skulking inside en on terrace, frazzling time is here again, bye bye grass

25 Jun, 2012


I've only just got rid of the last lot of blisters, too...
...and they lower the tone of one's diamonds, don't you know...!

Might have to get an old-fashioned pair brought back...much though it goes against the grain...

We've had anything between 25° and 35°...but, heavy atmosphere...and, it's been really cold at night!!

Lol! My "lawn" was on to a non-starter can only get worse from here... :D

25 Jun, 2012

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