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What lovely things to find on the roadside.


By Lori

What lovely things to find on the roadside.

..."beneath the trees,
fluttering, dancing, in the breeze"...

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Beautiful aren't they. I love the simple things of life.

13 Jun, 2012


At the bottom of the pic you will see some leaves of the wild briar rose which is growing all around the anemones...the rose has yet to bloom...but just imagine~ no one has planted these or tended them. (Outside of not cutting them down with the lawn mower...I've had no hand in any of it.) I constantly marvel at this wonderful garden I've come upon. Planted by birds or the wind... and fostered by nature. Magic.

13 Jun, 2012


Yes, very beautiful and lush. I see all that wonderful water in the background, also. I wish I had a stream in my yard to water my plants. lol! :>)

10 Jul, 2012


We've had some dry weather with lots of fluffy clouds and sun, and a constant things are pretty dry at present and the forest service has banned all fires (even cooking fires) it's so dry. My stream is down to a trickle but will rebound if we have some didn't get to this point until August last year...
Every year is different...alas.

10 Jul, 2012


Wow! That's amazing you consider this dry. Everything is so lush and green. Everything here is dry and dead! lol! :>)

12 Jul, 2012


LOL... this pic was taken about a month ago, D1. Things are a little crispy right now...but so far it's only the grass that is dried up and dead looking...have been trundling water from the stream near the my little stream is almost dried up...and giving rationed drinks to selected thirsty plants...our nights are cool...thank heaven. That does make a difference for the plants if they can have a drink of dew. Sorry things are so are your lovely fruit trees, and the Jacarandas? are they dried up too?

12 Jul, 2012


The grass has been dried up here for many moths at this time. That's very typical, though.

Welcome to my world. :>) The Jacaranda trees are pretty drought tolerant. Yesterday, I noticed many Jacarandas still blooming...which is kind of unusual...most should have stopped blooming by now. The first Jacaranda trees start blooming back in mid to late March.

Tropical storm Fabio is heading towards San Diego...we're suppose to get some rain from it. Of course, it'll just be rain. We haven't had a tropical storm or hurricane in San Diego in many, many years. It's extremely rare. There was a hurricane which hit San Diego in 1858 and a tropical storm back in 1873 and 1939...and tropical depression back in 1970's.

17 Jul, 2012


We had thunderstorms with winds so severe that our power was knocked out for 18 hours or so...keep telling hub that we need to get a generator.
Last summer it was days before our power was restored after a very nasty storm. Of course we received some much needed moisture in our locale, but it was spotty. The farmers in the valley didn't get enough to help their corn crop and it's back to sun and wind meadow is dry again. The storm also started forest fires to the north-east of us...and one is threatening Algonquin Park...with it's stands of timber and miles of lakes and rivers. It's a wildlife preserve too...

20 Jul, 2012


That's HORRIBLE! No power for 18 hours, that's such a long time.

So sorry to hear you still haven't gotten any rain! I know when you don't receive rain for a long time everything dries out so fast. Are the forest fires under control yet?

We never got any rain from the remnants of tropical storm Fabio. It all went up to the Los Angeles Area.

23 Jul, 2012

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