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Tomato Plants in Pots

Tomato Plants in Pots

One Bradley Heirloom tomato and one Juicy Beefsteak tomato plant. In one I added eggshells to the soil, in the other nothing. The one with the eggshells produced two tomatoes, the one without produced none. An altogether unsatisfying experience. The plants grew large and looked very healthy.

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Hi welcome to GOY. I would have said there was not enough light for these plants to grow properly?

14 Aug, 2012


The plants themselves grew very big and bushy. Only the one that had the oyster shell flowered at all. This picture of them is when they were small. Where I have them sitting, they got lots of bright sunlight until mid-day when it gets really hot here and then they get indirect sunlight because otherwise they would have just burned up. Summer in Oklahoma is 110 degrees. My thought was I just needed more oyster shell. Let me correct that, it was egg shells. I saved my egg shells from eating scrambled eggs, ground them up and put them in the soil. I just don't think I got enough.

15 Aug, 2012


To get at the calcium they need to be watered well.Have you tried putting the eggshells in their water as?

15 Aug, 2012


No, I didn't. I'll try that next time. Thanks!

15 Aug, 2012

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