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Buddleia Buzz - buzzed off

Buddleia Buzz - buzzed off

noticed the plant was drooping a bit, so watered it. next day still droopy, so watered it a bit more. next day - this. Think it's Buzz-ed off for good. don't know what I did wrong; it may be that I moved it, maybe moving it back will help, if anything can help it now. And if not, ah well, at least I tried.

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Is it all dead? I have had this happen when a bit got damaged yours may have got broken in the move? Cut it off and see what you are left with? Any sign of new shoots or green when you rub the stem it may indicate its still alive. I wouldnt give up on it till next spring, keep watering until it turns wet and colder I wouldnt move it again.

18 Sep, 2012


thanks, Drc. I moved it from the table against the fence to the table under the window - six feet at most. It looked ok there for the first week. I've not looked very very closely but it looks the same all over. I'll try cutting it back and seeing what happens; doesn't look like I acn make things much worse.

18 Sep, 2012


Its worth a try Fran

18 Sep, 2012


hopefully will have something positive to report before long. but if not, it was only a fiver from an eBay shop, so even though I hate losing plants, it's not as if it cost me much, and I've gained a bit of practice.

19 Sep, 2012


Lol fran fingers crossed they are toughies

19 Sep, 2012



19 Sep, 2012



19 Sep, 2012


Oh gosh, I presume it is Buzz the Buddleja that's bit the dust and not cheap either.

30 Sep, 2012


I cut it right back, it's still showing no signs of life. It was about a fiver on eBay, Dorjac, so not really expensive, it's just that I hate losing plants like this cos it means I've done something wrong.

1 Oct, 2012


Maybe something was at the root Fran. I've just lost a lovely fuchsia Blue eyes. I found it on the ground as it's a trailer, most of the root was gone....vineweevil. I checked around and had to repot a couple of heucheras as a precaution. The grubs seem active very early this year, still very tiny but deadly. Check every so often to see if plants are firmly rooted. Went round all pots with Armillotox.

2 Oct, 2012


All my plants are in pots, is all I have - some are in small pots and so not masively stable, but no plant has fallen out of its pot yet - squirrels have knocked them over, but plant's still been in pot when I found it on the deck! I'm using bought compost and just starting with my home-made, no garden dirt that might have nasties in. Of course, I suppose they could still get in, but they'd have to climb at least three feet up the table legs to get there.

3 Oct, 2012


They got on my potting table and ate the root of one of my Echevarias last year. And the Fuchsia was on top of a chimney pot. Your place should be safer from them as it is 'up in the air' apart from imports, of course, eggs and maggots. They are a right pest.

3 Oct, 2012


urk, that sounds like an epic journey for a pest! touching wood with figers crossed, I've been very lucky so far - so far!

5 Oct, 2012

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