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Plumeria rubra 'California Sunset' - California Sunset Plumeria

Plumeria rubra 'California Sunset'  - California Sunset Plumeria (Plumeria rubra 'California Sunset'  - California Sunset Plumeria)

Flowers on my Plumeria 'California Sunset'. Photo taken Sept. 25, 2012.

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26 Sep, 2012


Thanks! The leaves are burned from our intense heat wave last most of my Plumerias.

26 Sep, 2012


I noticed some of the leaves on my Plumerias are also burned. Still veeeery hot here!!!

29 Sep, 2012


Extreme heat will burn the leaves and the trunk. Be careful, very hot, dry heat can cook the little trunks (especially in pots) and kill them. I lost several in fall of 2008 to an very long extreme heat wave, which lasted most of fall.

I moved all my potted Plumerias into shade today. We have an "Excessive Heat Watch" (for all of San Diego County and the Los Angeles Area) which will go into an "Excessive Heat Warning" tomorrow through next Wednesday. Temps could get up to about 112ºF (44.4ºC), I wouldn't be surprised if it gets hotter. This heat wave may be one for the record books - according to the tv news. I'm not looking forward to it!!! :>(

29 Sep, 2012


I have all my Plumeria plants indoor now. I moved them when we had the thunder storm with the crazy wind! Hubby took over the sheltered spot where I had them, so indoors they will stay until next spring.

It's been way way too hot here for this time of the year! Not 44.4C but we are hitting mid 30's during the day....yuk. Not to mention the mosquitoes......oh my my, I've never seen soooo many mosquitoes. I watered the garden in record time today....

29 Sep, 2012


It sounds like your Plumerias are all snug and protected from winter. They do love a lot of light, though.

We typically can get a lot of heat this time of year (Oct., Nov); however, the night temps usually cool off more. San Diego Bay and the ocean temps are still pretty warm...I guessing this is why it's so warm at night.

It sounds hot there, also. I don't envy you with all those mosquitoes. We have them but not as bad. The City and County has to really the mosquito population because of West Nile Virus. The WNV cases in California and most of the U.S. had increased considerably this year.

30 Sep, 2012


It is veeeery hot and the sea is very warm (from what they tell me). Feels like the end of August except for the change of light, things looks different.

Ours summers are lasting longer and longer....
Tourist who usually come at this time of the year are shocked at how hot it still is!

We've had a few cases of of WNV. They are not doing enough if anything here to keep the mozzies down!

30 Sep, 2012


Oh, check out a pic I posted a couple of days ago. I think one of my Plumerias has buds !!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Sep, 2012


I bet the only saving grace is that the nights are longer; especially at your latitude at almost 40º. The nights are getting shorter even at San Diego's latitude of 32º.

I wonder with the sea temperature being so warm there, if you'll get a real winter. Maybe you'll just get spring-like weather all winter here in San Diego.

30 Sep, 2012


If they don't control the mosquitoes now. WNV may become a huge problems here in the U.S.

I'll check out your pics. I thought I had looked at all of them...sometimes I get confused! lol! :>)

30 Sep, 2012


Spring weather is fine......not summer weather anymore!!! I want to be able to wear t-shirts and feel comfortable!!! Not even a ripple on the sea this past week.....I just might have to go for a swim.

One good need to spend money on heating oil

Mozzies....another reason why we all want it to cool down....

1 Oct, 2012


Yes, I'm ready for cooler weather, also. I want to be able to work in the yard without fainting! lol! :>)

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be the hottest days for us...then it will be cooling down to closer to normal temps by Friday.

Heating oil?

The mosquitoes don't mind cooler weather here. We have mosquitoes all year.

1 Oct, 2012


Lol... we don't want you fainting!

I think it's "supposed" to cool down here soon.

People from the UK say heating oil.....We use Petroleum for heating in Greece (different to normal Petroleum, I think they add oil???).

Oh,,,,,I really couldn't deal with mozzies all year!!!!!!!!!

2 Oct, 2012


When it's very hot, sometimes I do feel like I going to faint. This is why I stay out of the sun!

It's suppose to start cooling down over the next few days. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of the hot weather. October and November can be very warm to hot.

We don't use petroleum or oil for heating. We have electric heaters or gas furnaces, which we don't use too often here in San Diego.

Luckily, I don't live close to the lake, anymore! I hated all those mosquitoes.

3 Oct, 2012


This is gorgeous.......Im catching up as we have just had 3 weeks on Zante.......its a beaut Andy.........

4 Oct, 2012


Zante, Greece or California?

Thanks. :>)

5 Oct, 2012


Gas.....many people are starting to use gas here too (not so much on Corfu). Many cities have underground pipes. There are parts of Greece that get really cold!

My house is next to a little stream that runs to the sea. Most of us have build a kind of tunnel over it except for my neighbour that doesn't live here and wants a stupid amount of money for his land! You can imagine how many mozzies I have to deal with!

5 Oct, 2012


Natural Gas is the most common use in heating here in California. Other parts of the U.S. use coal, electricity, wood-burning stoves.

That's the reason why you have so many mozzies. I don't envy you at all.

6 Oct, 2012


There is "talk" that there is Petroleum to be found from Corfu down to Crete. We shall see.

Yeah, stupid neighbour.

6 Oct, 2012


There's always "one" in a neighborhood!

6 Oct, 2012



6 Oct, 2012



7 Oct, 2012

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